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The time has arrived. The “Happy Shed” is now ready for you to come and visit us. It has to be because there’s a sign out the front declaring it Who can argue with that? In case you’re wondering what the Happy Shed is – it’s our brand new […]

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Adult acne, breakouts and pimples – they’re way more common than you think! It may feel like you’re all alone in your battle but there are many people out there working towards clear skin even though their year 12 high school jumper has a number from the 90’s.

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There are a million (and then some!) ingredients to choose from when making a new product and it can be hard to pick. This week we received an email from a year 11 student asking us some really good questions about our ingredients. So good we thought they were worth […]

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I beg your pardon? Did you say “Kon Yak” sponge? Or was it “Cognac” sponge? Ah… I see… it’s Konjac sponge! No we’re not talking about swindling yaks. And we’re not talking about brandy flavoured beverages for the bath, although sipping a Brandy Alexander in a hot tub does sound […]

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One of our favourite movies quotes comes from the Aussie classic mockumentary “Kenny”. There are million one liners in that movie but one sticks with us and never fails to make us chuckle. “I am hearing you, but, mate, what you got to understand is there is a smell in […]

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  • 2 min read

Maybe it’s showing his age, but this week Aaron decided that comfort beats fashion. It was time to upgrade to flannelette pyjamas. The “grandpa look” is no longer a concern. Being that it was the still the middle of July he thought finding a pair wouldn’t be a problem. Oh […]

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In reality, it never seems that a case of mistaken identity is for something good. Once – when Aaron was ten foot tall and bullet proof (i.e. a 22yr old!) – he was bailed up by a group of guys because they thought he’d stolen one of their girlfriends. After […]

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Drink too much water and you get hyponatremia (water intoxication). Eat too much chocolate and you put on weight. Get too much sun and end up red as a lobster. Over-do skincare and your skin will suffer. There is always a little part of us that thinks if a small […]

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It’s funny how you never realise how big a job is until after you have really sunk your teeth into it. It’s a case of you don’t know what you don’t know and but you do know that going ahead is the only option. (Is that a record for the […]

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For us, picking a favourite Happy Skincare product is like picking your favourite child. Nigh impossible. We love them all because they all were made for a reason. Luckily not everyone is as sentimental as us and there are definitely some clear favourites. The 3 big favourites are easy to […]

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Our email inboxes are ALWAYS overflowing but it is partly self-inflicted. Aaron has emails coming in from tonnes of sites to keep his finger on the pulse with what’s going down in beauty products town. Here are some of the hot stories that have come across our desktop recently. Hot […]

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Are you a bit confused about toners? Should you tone or not? What do toners actually do?? Fret not, we’re here to help! Back in the day (when the only cleanser was a bar of soap) toners were very different products to what they are today. This is probably the […]

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