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In a nutshell: 'hydration' is like giving your skin a big gulp of water, transforming it into a plump and radiant version of itself. 'Moisturising,' on the other hand, is like putting a lid on that big gulp to ensure none of that juicy hydration escapes. Both are essential steps for flaunting a healthy, glowier complexion. 

Managing sensitive skin can be somewhat tricky. Not only can sensitive skin be cranky-pants and changeable, but finding skincare products that won’t strip your skin, irritate it, or leave it red and itchy can be challenging. But hey, there’s good news! There are an ever-growing number of natural moisturisers on the market specifically designed with sensitive skin in mind.

The secret to a routine that’s going to make your skin happy can often come down to a “less is more” approach. If you over-do it your skin will feel ho-hum. Here’s our guide to how often you should be doing all your skin things - from exfoliating to facials - to make your skin strong, clear and bright.

The face oil versus face cream debate is as old as the hills but when you’re seeking complexion perfection, you can be forgiven for feeling a wee bit confused. Let’s dive in and shed some light on the benefits of each. We’ll get you well on your way to deciding which one is right for your skin.

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The time has come, Happy friends, to let you in on what we've been working on in the lab for the past couple of months! In between renovating the new Happy Shed (yup, we're moving in September!) and making all of your long-time favourites, our talented formulator Aaron has created the moisturiser of many of your dreams.

While moisturising your face isn’t quite rocket science, there’s definitely an art to it! When done right, you’ll get more bang for your buck because you’ll need less product and it’ll actually work better. Sound good? Thought so ;)

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