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What are your top 3 Happy Products??

For us, picking a favourite Woohoo Skincare product is like picking your favourite child. Nigh impossible. We love them all because they all were made for a reason.

Luckily not everyone is as sentimental as us and there are definitely some clear favourites. The 3 big favourites are easy to spot as they are the ones that we are constantly making around the clock

Which ones do you think are the top 3 favourites? Which are your “can’t-live-without-em” products?

As tempting as it is, we won’t drag it out like a MasterChef elimination… here are the top 3!

Fave #1 – Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm

The Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm is the product that pushed Woohoo Skincare from a little business on the side to being our fulltime livelihood. It’s not your typical cleanser but results speak for themselves. This review by Alexandra sums it up perfectly

“I was very excited to get home and indulge my skin after kids were in bed and a couple of reds had been had. Wow, so impressed with the Cloud 9 Cleansing balm!… My instinct was humming as I was doing my face, knowing my skin has found the right products. Yay!” – Alexandra

Fave #2 – Over the Moon Rich Repair Cream

We need to stop calling this the reincarnated original Anti-ageing and Repair cream because the Over the Moon Rich Repair Cream deserves to have its own name put up in lights. There are too many raving fans and it’s the must-have cream this winter.

“This cream is beautiful. I have pretty sensitive skin but haven’t reacted to this at all. It rubs in so well, not greasy and feels so nice on my face. Well done guys – this one’s a ripper!”– Rachel

“I was surprised how moisturising this is considering how easily it is absorbed – absolutely no greasy film. Great for winter skin!” – Ellen

“This cream is amazing. Feels like you have spent hundreds of dollars on some luxurious and decadent cream. A moan escaped my lips when I first applied this! No joke!! It glides on like silk, your skin feels amazing afterwards, not oily or greasy, it absorbs well and leaves your skin fresh and clean and every so soft. This would have to be the most amazing facial cream I have EVER used.” – Alison

Fave #3 – Woohoo All Natural Deodorant Paste

The Woohoo All Natural Deodorant Paste is the newest kid on the block and is the one responsible for all our late nights (luckily we love what we do). The awareness surrounding the need for natural aluminium free deodorants is growing rapidly and Woohoo is leading the way. It is now available in a store in every capital city in Australia – 160+ stockists and counting!! (check out our list of stockists here).

“A friend who is a breast cancer survivor ordered this deodorant for me, so it was a complete surprise to receive it. I really didn’t have high hopes for a “natural” deodorant, but after two weeks of wearing it daily I am sold! Seriously it works WAY better than my mainstream spray deodorants! I work out at the gym, run and swim – all in Queensland heat and this deodorant does it all. Feels lovely when you put it on, not sticky, wet or tacky, and no white marks on clothes. Awesome with wetness and odour – and I am a sweater! I am re-ordering a second jar for my gym bag and also for another friend to try. I’m sold!” – Elise

When a friend buys it for a friend it must be good!

The common link between all 3 of these products is that they were all products that were needed by you. They weren’t just some good idea we dreamed up based on what we thought you needed. You were very kind in letting us know what you wanted and helped us perfect the formulas by testing them out and giving us your valuable thoughts. The end result? Nothing short of spectacular!

Now – time for us to get back to working on creating all the other products you’ve asked for (If you’ve got any burning requests, feel free shoot us an email to let us know – anytime!)

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