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Does your bicarb soda contain aluminium??

In reality, it never seems that a case of mistaken identity is for something good.

Once – when Aaron was ten foot tall and bullet proof (i.e. a 22yr old!) – he was bailed up by a group of guys because they thought he’d stolen one of their girlfriends. After some fast talking it turned out a case of mistaken identity. The only similarity was that they thought the guy they were looking for had red hair.

He’s yet to be mistaken for someone famous and whisked off for some 5 star pampering!

Bicarb Soda is also a victim of mistaken identity which has led to the belief that Bicarb Soda contains Aluminium.

Today we’re going to bust the myth about Bicarb Soda containing aluminium.

100% Bicarb soda does not contain aluminium – regardless of which brand it is.

Why do we care so much about Bicarb Soda? Glad you asked Bicarb Soda is one of the 4 powerful stink-destroying ingredients in the Woohoo All Natural Deodorant Paste. We can’t have nasty rumours going around about one of our fave products

Baking Powder vs Baking Soda

A possible reason for this myth is that Bicarb soda is also called Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking Soda. Baking soda is very close to baking powder and some baking powders have been known to contain aluminium.

Another reason is that manufacturers cottoned onto the mistaken identity and started to label their baking soda as ‘aluminium free’. So when you see some baking soda that’s not labelled as ‘aluminium free’, it stands to reason that you might assume it does contain aluminium.

Doh – the marketing geniuses have confused us again! So just to clear things up:

Baking Soda is 100% bicarb soda and is comes from soda ash. Again it does not contain any aluminium.

Baking powder contains bicarb soda and some baking powders contain other acid salts such as cream of tartare or sodium aluminium sulphate. (In food it can be labelled as 541)

What’s problem with Aluminium salts?

Aluminium salts are another health topic under debate but here is what we do know:

  • The human body does not need aluminium and it should not be present in our bodies.
  • It is a neurotoxin however it has not been directly linked to any brain disease.
  • Alzheimer’s patients have higher levels of aluminium in the brain.
  • They plug your pores to stop you from healthy sweatingwhen used as an antiperspirant.

Aluminium salts are a suspect in many health concerns but not enough evidence is available for a conviction.

In our opinion, aluminium salts fall into the basket of ‘avoid them if you can’. One less toxin in your life can’t be a bad thing, right?

Our best-selling Woohoo! All Natural Deodorant Paste is 100% Aluminium salt free.

It uses bicarb soda that is 100% sodium bicarbonate and not baking powder so that you can have the peace of mind that you’re using one less toxin in your life. Phew.

Now time to let you in on a little secret: A new Woohoo fragrance should be ready in time for summer. Woohoo!!!!

Hands up if you’re off adventuring this weekend! Thanks for the inspirarion @dalenapier ??

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