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We are smack bang in the middle of summer – aka sandal and thong season (for our USA friends thongs = flip flops). There’s a certain freedom that comes with being barefoot or wearing minimal footwear even if it has its perils. The dreaded sandal blowout… Doing the funky chicken […]

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Our FABULOUS in-house beauty therapist, Jen, has been brave enough to share a couple of her most memorable beauty blunders with us and after we had a chuckle in the office, she actually agreed to let us share them with you on the blog. So you’re in for a treat today - just don’t try these at home, kids.

Ever wondered how to improve your smell? Well, there’s something really easy you can do to make a huge difference. And it’ doesn’t have anything to do with perfume or deodorant.

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Did you know that salt was once known as white gold? The reason salt was so highly prized is because there is no life without salt. Our own blood is a type of salt solution and why hospitals use saline drips.