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Our 90 Day Returns + Guarantee

You don’t hear us talk about this much because, frankly, we don’t get asked for returns very often.

But did you know that we have quite possibly one of the most sensational happiness guarantees in the galaxy?

Buying skincare products and deodorant online can be a bit like playing roulette. The chance of you finding something you truly love is just as good as the chance of that little silver ball landing on number 6 (well, unless you’re shopping at Woohoo Body of course) ;)

You can spend loads of money on what sounds like the greatest potion ever, but once you’ve given it a try you find out it’s just not for you. Doesn’t stop body odour. Causes breakouts. Drying. Feels icky. Or worst of all… a reaction!

And what can you do about it? Usually….Not much. Just nudge over the other almost-full bottles in your bathroom cupboard to squish in some more products you’ll never use. Gosh, you might as well have flushed your hard earned moolah down the toilet!

We completely get that, and that’s why we thought long and hard about what we can do to make sure you’re ALWAYS happy (ecstatic even). 

Why not try a sample first?

You probably already know this but a heap of our products are available sample sizes, and sample packs.

We don’t do this just because we think mini versions of our products are very cute (oh yes they are!). We do it so you can try a super-sized sample with at least 2 weeks worth of product before you go the full shebang and invest in full sized products.

You’ve gotta be happy … and you’ve got 90 days

We want you to be so darn happy that you’re shouting from the rooftops about how much you love your Woohoo Body products. And we know that sometimes you might like a product at first, but given a little time you might decide you don’t like it so much after all.

That’s why if you’re NOT happy for ANY reason - even after 90 days and ¾ of the way through your bottle - it’s OK. You can send your product back for a refund (minus shipping), or you can let us replace it for you with a more suitable product from our range.

Please read our Refund and Returns Policy for the terms and conditions. 

How do I return a product? (and did you say it was free?)

It’s super easy! Just contact us and we’ll take care of you.

First we’ll send you all the information you need to return your items to us and when they reach us we’ll send your new products or a refund.

Told you it was easy ;)

And the best bit of all is that your return shipping is free! (Please note that conditions apply on return shipping - click here for our full Returns Policy).

So if you have a product you need to return, there’s no hard feelings. It’s smooth sailing all the way to happiness.

We just want to make sure you get the best possible products for you, because we know from personal experience what a pain it can be when your skin seems to have a mind of its own.