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The “Happy Shed” is OPEN for business!

The time has arrived. The “Happy Shed” is now ready for you to come and visit us. It has to be because there’s a sign out the front declaring it Who can argue with that?

In case you’re wondering what the Happy Shed is – it’s our brand new manufacturing facility and shop in Newcastle (NSW, Australia). It has been dubbed the “Shed” because that’s what our boys have been calling it, but we think of it more as a home away from home.

Getting it ready has been a journey. We thought renovating a house was a tough gig but setting up the Happy Shed matched it. Only because we had never set one up before.

Like doing anything for the first time there were many “aha” moments which caused a plan re-jig.

The back-of-house manufacturing space has been up and running for a few weeks now and Aaron has been pumping out skincare products at a roaring rate. So much so that we had to call in reinforcements. Family has again jumped in to lend a hand.

Our brother-in-law Dave has been labelling his little fingers off. After screwing on 3000 lids we think he wished he hadn’t offered to help.

The Happy Shed Shop is open – come and say G’day

Many hours were spent perusing Pinterest looking for decorating inspiration. By the end we had styling overload and we definitely won’t be applying for The Block anytime soon.

The funny thing is that even with the hours of Pinterest scrolling, the shop doesn’t look like any of them. But it does look and feel like us and that is all we can ask for.

It’s still early days and we’ve got more work to do making things look 100% finished, but we’ve decided to take baby steps. We’ll get there!

In the meantime we’re ready and waiting for you to come by to try out our Woohoo Skincare and Woohoo Body creations, pick up your online orders (no more shipping fees, Newcastle peeps!), and just have a good old chat.

Thanks for supporting the “little guys”

We’re so excited to be able to offer a different shopping experience than the ones offered under the bright lights and yellow stickers of a supermarket aisle where you are not getting the best care.

Did you know that the skincare products and cosmetics you find in the supermarket aisles are controlled by just 5 multinational companies? Even though there hundreds of brands stocking the shelves, they’re mostly from the same 5 companies (and they’re certainly not natural, or focused on creating a magical experience for you).

We promise never to take ourselves too seriously

One of our motivations for opening the “Happy Shed” Shop is that we think the beauty industry tends to take itself way too seriously. Being easy-going and having some fun is much nicer than pretentiousness. We think you deserve better.

We believe (hope!) you’ll never go back to the big brands once you’ve experienced the skincare offerings of boutique skin care makers who aren’t bound by shareholder dividends. We’ve got the freedom to care more about YOU

What will I find at the Happy Shed Shop?

The Happy Shed Shop is a small and cosy space stocked with all things Happy and Woohoo. It is a little bit upcycled, a little bit fun, splashes of colour and 100% us. The shelves are recycled draws and the counter table was made from recycled pallets.

If you live nearby or if you are ever in Newcastle or surrounding Hunter Valley vineyards we would love for you to pop in and say G’day. Phoebe, Aaron and maybe even Rusty (the lazy cavoodle) will be there to greet you with a smile.

Your Happy experience just got so much better because:

  • We’ve got testers of the full range of Woohoo Skincare and Woohoo Body products
  • You can purchase your goodies in-store
  • You can swing by to pick up your online orders


Where is this marvellous place?

Click here for our contact details :) Hope to see you soon!