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The latest buzz sweeping the skincare world is all about your skin barrier and why it’s so darn important. The importance of your skin barrier is not a new buzz. It has been around forever and should be the foundation of any skincare product. Here are our top tips for repairing a damaged skin barrier.

Managing sensitive skin can be somewhat tricky. Not only can sensitive skin be cranky-pants and changeable, but finding skincare products that won’t strip your skin, irritate it, or leave it red and itchy can be challenging. But hey, there’s good news! There are an ever-growing number of natural moisturisers on the market specifically designed with sensitive skin in mind.

The thing is, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all serum. A serum is where you get a chance to deliver an absolute bucket load of active and beneficial ingredients to your skin. Since your skin is unique, you need a serum that helps your unique skin concerns.
Your body does some gosh darn amazing things each and every day. It’s a (mostly) finely tuned system that keeps you going and protects you from harm (we hope). One of the amazing things it does is making new skin cells. And it makes a LOT of skin cells.

Your skin can take a real beating from air conditioning, heaters, dry air, blistering winds and humidity. Cue: flaky skin, new lines, dullness, breakouts, or even yelps of pain! Sound familiar?

If only we were all blessed with perfectly clear skin—not a blemish, dry patch, or red spot in sight!

Nope, that’s just not the case but thankfully there are a bunch of beautiful natural ingredients that can be used as home remedies to help a number of common skin conditions.

The other day Dave (our back-of-house operations guru), was complaining about how soft his hands had become. Unfortunately it appears that working in the Happy shed has a downside - soft and supple hands.

Do you suffer from dry, crocodile skin when the mercury starts to dip? It literally happens overnight. One day you have hydrated skin and the next day it's super dry.
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