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In a nutshell: 'hydration' is like giving your skin a big gulp of water, transforming it into a plump and radiant version of itself. 'Moisturising,' on the other hand, is like putting a lid on that big gulp to ensure none of that juicy hydration escapes. Both are essential steps for flaunting a healthy, glowier complexion. 

Even though Woohoo is well-known for our award-winning natural deodorant, did you know we're also master mixologists when it comes to highly effective, clean & natural body care? Let's turn back the clock a bit…

Years ago, if someone told you to smear oil all over your face, you would have looked at them in horror. But sometime over the past few years, face oils have managed to shrug off their bad rap as pore-clogging, acne-causing “don'ts” to being recognised as an instant way to get fresh, dewy skin.
  • 5 min read