Which Woohoo are you?

Which Woohoo Are You?
Use this table to work out which Woohoo is going to set your world on fire. Or keep you from getting smelly. Either way sounds pretty good to us :)
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  • Urban
  • What: Award-winning, best selling original.
  • Why: The everyday go-to for most people. 
  • Love: Gentle enough for sensitive skin but VERY effective
  • Aroma: Subtle and sophisticated florals
  • Wear it: From gym to office to weekend shenanigans 
  • Active ingredients: Bicarb soda, kaolin clay, triethyl citrate, zinc
  • Sensitive skin: Yep! Even peeps with sensitive skin can wear Urban
  • Available in: 10g (sample), 40g (tin), 70g (plastic jar)
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  • Wild
  • What: Extra strength formula
  • Why: Sometimes regular strength just doesn't cut it
  • Love: Extra tough on BO, but not tough on your skin
  • Aroma: Zesty, citrusy and lingering (unisex)
  • Wear it: Under tough and stressful conditions. A favourite for tradies and miners.
  • Active ingredients: Bicarb soda, diatomaceous earth, triethyl citrate, zinc
  • Sensitive skin: Not recommended
  • Available in: 10g (sample), 40g (tin), 70g (plastic jar)
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  • Mellow
  • What: Bicarb soda & essential oil free for sensitive souls.
  • Why: Because you have super-sensitive skin (or don't like scented products)
  • Love: No scent AND no body odour. Winning!
  • Aroma: Nope :)
  • Wear it: All day, everyday 
  • Active ingredients: Magnesium hydroxide, olive leaf extract, activated bamboo charcoal
  • Sensitive skin: Absolutely! No bicarb soda, no essential oils.
  • Available in: 10g (sample), 40g (tin), 70g (plastic jar)
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  • New flavour coming in September
  • Watch this space
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