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Is “over-doing” skin care actually a thing?

Drink too much water and you get hyponatremia (water intoxication). Eat too much chocolate and you put on weight. Get too much sun and end up red as a lobster. Over-do skincare and your skin will suffer.

There is always a little part of us that thinks if a small amount of something is good for you, then surely more will get the results faster! Unfortunately not. The “everything in moderation” cliché rings true again.

How can you over-do skincare?

There are a few ways where skin care can be too much for skin. An ingredient could be too strong, you could be using too much, or you could be using it too often.

Your skin will let you know if you are being overzealous. Dryness, dermatitis, breakouts and irritation are all signs of going overboard.

Too Potent

Botanicals and active ingredients are the stars of all skin care products. They host abundant good stuff for our skin which keeps it in tip top condition. But this good stuff can be too much for some. Everyone is different, so what is great for one person’s skin is too powerful for someone else.

When your skin gets a dose of an active ingredient that is too strong it will let you know by showing signs of irritation or dryness.

Other ingredients that can be too strong are the surfactants that are in cleansers (this is usually the ingredient that makes the cleanser foam up). When a cleanser’s surfactants are too strong it upsets your skin barrier too much and causes issues because your skin is “over clean” i.e. you’ve stripped it of all its natural oils leading to dryness, or even oiliness as your skin might overcompensate for the lost oil.

Too Much

Slathering yourself in a weeks’ worth of moisturiser won’t miraculously give you soft supple skin immediately. There is only so much of a product that your skin can take at any one time, after that it becomes ineffective and all the good stuff is wasted.

In the case of a moisturiser, you might end up with lots of excess product sitting on your skin which could lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

Plus, if you use too much then you maybe be overdosing your skin with an active ingredient. Again your skin will let you know by becoming an irritated grumpy old man.

Too Often

The most common skincare products that get overused are peels, acid exfoliators, scrubs, masks and cleansers. All can help improve your skin but use them too much and your skin will quickly go from good to bad.

Usually you only use scrubs and masks once or twice a week. How often you can use glycolic peels and acid exfoliators is dependent on their strength. If in you are in doubt please seek out professional advice.

Be like Goldilocks

Finding out what is just right for your skin can take a little a trial and error as everyone’s skin needs are different. But when you find the porridge that is just right stick with it until your skin lets you know otherwise

If you are looking for the skin care that is ‘just right’ then check out the Woohoo Skincare sample packs. They’re the best way to put a whole new skincare regime through a thorough road test as they last about 2 weeks.

Dilo Oil now comes in 30ml

Our love affair with Fijian Dilo Oil is still going strong. We know that some people are itching to try it (pardon the pun!) but the 100ml is too much. So guess what??

Fijian Dilo Oil now comes in a 30ml option.

Recently we were so proud to learn that the Dilo Oil that we have here at Woohoo Skincare has been tested and has scored the best (of all dilo and Tamanu oils tested, EVER, in the WORLD) in terms of efficacy. Wow. We can’t take the credit for this though – this is the result of much hard work by our incredible supplier, a husband and wife team in Fiji.

If you haven’t tried Dilo yet and you have problem skin or just looking for a divine facial oil, this is a must-try.

We don’t have many in stock as it is a difficult oil to get (it’s quite seasonal). We are getting some more in but it is a few weeks away so if you wish to avoid a little wait click here to get some now.

P.S. We only have 1 bottle left of our 30ml organic Tamanu Oil and we won’t be stocking it going forward as the 30ml wild harvested Dilo will be taking its place in the Woohoo Skincare family