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The new Happy HQ is taking shape!

It’s funny how you never realise how big a job is until after you have really sunk your teeth into it. It’s a case of you don’t know what you don’t know and but you do know that going ahead is the only option.

(Is that a record for the most times the word ‘know’ has ever been used in one sentence??)

The new Woohoo Skincare HQ is starting to come to life and it’s uber exciting … and scary at the same time. It feels like such a big step but we know it’s needed to take to keep Happy and Woohoo growing.

In case you missed our announcement a few weeks back, we’re making the massive transition from being a “husband-and-wife-at-home-business” to having our own Happy warehouse, manufacturing facility and little shop! We’ll still be a husband and wife team, but on a bigger scale (and we do think we’ll be needing to hire someone soon to help as Rusty the Cavoodle just isn’t pulling his weight).

When we wrote our list of jobs to do before the warehouse will be ready, the list quickly filled a few pages. Daunting! But as a wise man once said: “you eat an elephant one bite at time.”

The late nights have all rolled into one but the excitement of a new place is keeping us going. Well that, some very good coffee, and Phoebe’s famous black tahini power balls.

Luckily we have some awesome family who are helping get the Happy HQ up and running. From little brother plumbers, little sister accountants, tradie grandpa’s, and grandma’s who just know how to make things run smooth. Happy HQ is definitely a family effort.

Here are some progress photos. We’ll share more as it progresses and of course once it’s completed!