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The latest buzz sweeping the skincare world is all about your skin barrier and why it’s so darn important. The importance of your skin barrier is not a new buzz. It has been around forever and should be the foundation of any skincare product. Here are our top tips for repairing a damaged skin barrier.
Free radicals are unstable atoms that can cause damage to your cells. What makes them unstable is that they’re missing electrons from their outer shell, which causes them to go hunting for other atoms or molecules that have these electrons, in order for them to feel whole again and become stable. But don't go feeling sorry for them just yet!

Your skin can take a real beating from air conditioning, heaters, dry air, blistering winds and humidity. Cue: flaky skin, new lines, dullness, breakouts, or even yelps of pain! Sound familiar?

We sit on the fence about this topic. On the one hand, we want you to always feel beautiful in your own skin, embracing your imperfections, perceived flaws and beyond. At the same time, we get countless emails from beautiful people all over the world asking for assistance with reducing acne scars, stretch mark scars, surgery-induced scars and more. So we're here to help!

Achieving healthy, post-summer skin can be quite the face-off (pun intended). The sun is a force to be reckoned with, and a battle your skin rarely wins. Even if you practice being sun safe on the regular, your skin may look and feel worse for wear coming into the cooler months.
We all know the importance of good sun protection, but when it comes to chemical sunscreen versus physical, which SPF is best and how much sun is too much sun for keeping our vitamin D levels in check…well, it can be a bit confusing.

Sting was definitely before his time. The whole wearing-sunglasses-at-night-thing says it all. We’re hearing you ask… “Why on earth would I want to wear my sunglasses at night?” Well there’s a good answer, and it has to do with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).

The other day Dave (our back-of-house operations guru), was complaining about how soft his hands had become. Unfortunately it appears that working in the Happy shed has a downside - soft and supple hands.

For some crazy reason the term “sun spot” is used to describe a “liver spot” or “age spot”. If you’ve got a sun spot, it doesn’t mean you have skin cancer, but it DOES mean you have some sun damage.

Most of the laundry detergents on our supermarket shelves have ingredients in them that can cause irritation and leave you feeling all itchy, scratchy and fed up.

We don’t have much time to watch TV but when we do get a chance to sit down for some goggle box entertainment we don’t feel like watching ‘Monkeys make you Laugh’. So at our place we’re fans of streaming services, like Netflix. But sitting down and binge watching the […]

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