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Have you ever wondered just how we go about making new products? Yes? Well today’s your lucky day. You’re about to get a peek under the covers of Happy Skincare and get some insider goss about the creation of our new haircare range.

It’s with an *immense* amount of happiness and a few sighs of relief that today we can announce that the new Happy Shed is OPEN! Woohooooooo.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind as we finished renovating and moved into the brand new, bigger, snazzier, custom-built Happy Shed.

Our FABULOUS in-house beauty therapist, Jen, has been brave enough to share a couple of her most memorable beauty blunders with us and after we had a chuckle in the office, she actually agreed to let us share them with you on the blog. So you’re in for a treat today - just don’t try these at home, kids.
It occurred to us the other day that we’ve never really given you a peek into the everyday going-ons of our Happy HQ (where all the magic happens!). Though it’s nowhere near as glamorous as people might think it is, we thought it might be a bit fun to walk you through a typical day.
When it comes to our happy little world, the men are definitely outnumbered. There’s a heck of a lot of girl power behind Happy Skincare, and today we want to give you a glimpse at the phenomenal team responsible for making your skin (and you, we hope!) so ridiculously happy.