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We love sweating. All the best things in life make you sweaty, and it’s so good for you in so many ways. Sweating is actually a really complex bodily function that helps keep your body temperature regulated and keep you healthy. Who would’ve thought!?

One of our most commonly asked questions EVER is...“How much deodorant should I *actually* be using?” 🤔 All you need is a teensy-weensy smidgen of our Deodorant Paste, no bigger than a humble pea, or for our Deodorant Sticks, a swift “one-two-three” swipe per arm.

So ... you like the idea of a natural deodorant that’s free from toxins, but the thought of applying a paste to your pits kinda creeps you out? We hear ya. 

If you’re a first time Woohoo-her or perhaps still sitting on the fence about making the switch to natural deodorant, then get comfy. Today we’re going to school you on how natural deo works and why your pits will LOVE it. Class is in session!

Ever tried a natural deodorant only to discover that you still smell like a teenage boy's gym locker (no offence, fellas!)? We have the solution for your pungent predicament: meet the Armpit Detox Mask! A mega-magnet that helps bid adieu to the build-up of unwanted product from your pits (primarily aluminium salts).
Every now and then Woohoo doesn't work right away. Don't give up! It just takes some patience.

Body hair is a funny ‘ol thing. Sure, the hair on your head is cool. You can style it, colour it, cut it, braid it – you name it. But when it comes to underarm hair, what’s the point of it? Is it totally useless? Turns out it's not... but it DOES impact how well your deodorant works.

Way back in 2015 when Woohoo Body first started, our very first deodorant was a deodorant paste While there are loads of folks who love our pastes, some people prefer an application where you don’t have to get deodorant on your fingers or touch your armpits. Enter our deodorant sticks!!

Bicarb Soda is super popular in natural deodorants because it is such an incredibly effective deodoriser. However it does have a downside – for many people it can cause irritation. But don't worry - we're all over it with bicarb-free options for you.

Our very own cosmetic formulator mastermind, Aaron, used to struggle with using deodorants back in his pre-Woohoo days as they caused extreme irritation under his pits – usually uncomfortable redness and itchiness. If you’ve been blessed with ultra-sensitive skin like Aaron, you understand just how difficult it can be.
Sweat gets a bad rap. We blame it for stink. We accuse it of staining our clothes, and we react in disgust when it appears. But in actuality, sweat is pretty darn awesome and an essential part of being human. No, really. Sweating can be messy (and smelly), but it’s also your body’s natural cooling mechanism.