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A penny for your thoughts… what’s your favourite smell?

One of our favourite movies quotes comes from the Aussie classic mockumentary “Kenny”. There are million one liners in that movie but one sticks with us and never fails to make us chuckle.

“I am hearing you, but, mate, what you got to understand is there is a smell in here that is going to outlast religion.”

We’re all imagining something really terrible right now, and probably screwing up our noses even though we can’t smell anything.

We usually don’t realise how powerful aromas are at triggering memories and emotions. So getting the smell right on every product we make is (super duper) important to us.

A penny for your thoughts?

We’ve got a few new products cookin’ right now but we haven’t nailed the scent yet on any of them.

We’ve got our own ideas but we need your input to tell us what smells you love most of all. After all, these products are for YOU!

You’re about to help with formulating your new body cream, deodorant, and body wash.

Now – let’s get our creative hats on and start dreaming

We know there are some real essential oil aficionados out there amongst you, so feel free to let us know the essential oils that you want us to use.

Otherwise if you don’t know your essential oils like the back of your hand, feel free to be a little more creative in describing those smells you love… cut grass, coffee, marshmallows… Go wild

Phoebe whipped up a quick 5 question survey so we can make sure we don’t miss a single suggestion. We know your time is precious but it won’t take long to complete, we promise! You should be done and dusted in 2 mins flat.

We’re so appreciative of your ideas, so THANK YOU in advance xxx

Once you’ve popped your ideas in below, click ‘I’m all done!’ to send us your thoughts.

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