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Didn’t work at all

Tried using the deodorant on both hot and mild days and unfortunately it didn’t do a thing :/ I stunk at the end of the day

Big fan wish it came in a bigger size

I've been using Woohoo for a while now, my go to flavour has been wild, I like surf and wish it came in a bigger size.

Love the idea, it just didn’t love me

I was so excited when I saw this product was available, ticked all my boxes, but I ended up having a reaction to it, like a rash. I used the yellow tin. Hoping that you come across whatever is making these appear as I have read other people have had the same outcome. I look forward to keeping up with your product to see if this changes.

Terrible skin rash under arms

My 16 year old daughter who has sensitive skin but has never reacted to deodorant before end up with a terrible angry rash under her arm pits.

I however have loved the product

Finally, confidence!

I have sensitive skin and have been using aluminum and fragrance free deodorants for years, with little confidence, having to hide roll-on's in my handbag, car glovebox, etc. to top-up as needed. I am so super excited to have tested the Woohoo range and i have complete confidence in the product, no skin irritation and no need to top-ups in the most extreme of conditions!

Woohoo, you have me for life!

Love this

I have now bought 3 of the happily ever after eye serums. I love the texture - being a gel/cream it doesn’t go on heavy. It sits really nicely under my eye makeup. It’s very hydrating, the only thing is I haven’t noticed it has helped with any pigmentation or dark circles.
I’m happy to continue to buy knowing the fantastic ingredients in it and I love the feel of it on my skin.

Best product ever

I have tried a lot of natural deodorants but the woohoo range comes out on top. They do not clog your pores, they have natural ingredients and it doesn't leave you with any B.O. smell even in very hot conditions. My favourite is Urban and Surf. Amazing products.
The yellow mellow is also a great product if you have sensitive skin. Hubby uses it and says it's a winner.


Deodorant works really well. I like it! Don’t particularly like the tin as it is difficult to open, especially if you have got some product on the outside

Absolute convert!!

I had tried a couple of other natural deodorants on the market, and while they were 'sufficient', I was still looking for something more - that's when I decided to try Woo Hoo! While the idea of putting deodorant on with your fingers takes some getting used to, it is now putting on 'stick' deodorant that seems weird to me. Best change I made and I won't look back!

Great product!

Love this. I use it twice a day after cleansing with cloud 9. Absorbs well and helps with puffs, etc. Would love a tinted version (very pale peach/pink) to help disguise blueness in the area.

Holy grail for sensitive skin

I’ve used this balm twice per day for years. My skin feels refreshed and clean but also hydrated. It is the only cleanser I can use regularly without reacting/drying/breaking out.


Very disappointed. Had high expectations. Failed to live up to expectations. Did not provide lasting protection. Failed to prevent odour even during sleep hours.

Hi, Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know about your experience with Woohoo. I'm sorry it was less than amazing! Do you mind if I ask how long it has been since you've used an antiperspirant, and how long you've been trying Woohoo for? It can take a little bit of time for your body to detox from the aluminium in most antiperspirants. If you need a bit more help or information with this please don't hesitate to ask. We should be able to get Woohoo working like a dream for you! :) The other thing we could look into is whether or not you've been using the right Woohoo for you. It's a bit tricky to get right if you're not sure what you're looking for, as we're all so unique in our own body aromas and different essentials oils will work differently for some. Since Urban h​asn't been working out for you, I wonder if it's worth giving Wild, our Extra Strength formula a try? Do you have a sample on hand? If not I could arrange to send you one. Please let me know if you're keen by contacting (and confirming your shipping address would be great too)! Have a sensational day.

Light and fresh. Love it.

It's Perfect!

No matter how hot the day, I've never had an odor problem with Woo Hoo Wild Deodorant Paste.

It rubs in nicely, and is the best product for underarm odor I've ever found. [I used to use "Old Spice," which worked about 1/4th as well.]


Hairy Armpits.

Great fragrance that seemed to last the journey. The only issue I had was applying the paste to hairy armpits. :( I'm going to give Urban a go to see if that is easier to apply. Btw, if you need a tester for Woohoo in a stick, keep me in mind. :) Steve

Awesome scrub

I love the spoon full of sugar scrub, it is so gentle and leaves my skin feeling beautifully smooth.

Woohoo rocks my world!

I am so unbelievably happy with my Woohoo! My skin feels great and I have never felt more confident with deodorant, till I tried Woohoo... I’m so very pleased to have come across it on FB! I will never go back to regular deodorants! Thank you Woohoo! 💚


I was so excited to find a non-whitening sunscreen that I wasn't allergic to. The face sunscreen is good too!


I was so excited to find a non-whitening sunscreen that I wasn't allergic to. The body sunscreen is good too!

Pure Sponge

This is just so pleasant to use, and made a huge improvement from just using a face cloth with my Cloud 9 balm.

Too much for my face but great for my feet

My face gets inflamed if I use this product on it, but it's fine for my hands and lovely for my feet.

My favourite product!

This is by far my favourite product. My favourite part of my skincare routine is just opening the tub, it smells so fresh. It's also very pleasant to use.

My skin was in really bad condition and I felt very self-conscious about my large pores and blackheads that wouldn't budge because it's hard to find creams that I'm not allergic or sensitive to. But this has been very effective at dealing with all of that and now I'm not reluctant to look at my skin in the mirror any more.

Very Impressed

My feet are in terrible condition and honestly I didn't expect the cream to do much because they're just so bad. But I was pleasantly surprised. The cream is very nice to handle as well, with a very pleasant scent.


I was apprehensive about trying it, but it really works, with no smell or irritation. Very happy.

Very nice

It's really very nice, and you need surprisingly little. I found it a bit oily but it was non-irritating which is what mattered at the time.