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I don't need botox thanks to the way this effectively amazing this product is. After trying every existing deodorant, this one keeps my armpits free from B.O. all day and I'm relieved I don't have to worry about my hyperhidrosis any more.

Happy customer

Glad I tried Woohoo, it's the best natural deodorant I've had, I'll keep buying it now, my favourite is Wild :)

My favourite skincare products - makes me happy!

I just love the way these products make me feel, not just on my skin but on the inside as well. So happy to know that I'm putting clean and nourishing products on my skin. I've been using the 3 step system for over 6 months now and keep getting comments on how much my skin is glowing! The over the moon moisturiser is the best, it's rich, but not greasy and the Raindrops on Roses toner is so lovely and fresh. I alternate between the charcoal cleanser and the Cloud 9 cleansing balm and my skin has never felt so clean. One happy girl :)

Best Deodorant I have Found

This deodorant is off the charts good!! It not only hides the BO, but also leaves my pits soft and sting free!! My favourite would have to be the urban, however for those extra muggy days the wild shines. Love this deodorant!!!

Life changing

Never leave reviews but feel the need to be honest and tell people how amazing this product is. Have been using it religiously for over a year now and if I ever run out and have to use normal deodorant my body reacts so badly and hates it! Has definitely improved my hyperhydrosis excessive sweating issues immensely and couldn’t love this product more :) !

Excellent products

I’ve been using the 3 step system for about 4 weeks now and my face feels about a million times better. And my hands, which always get dry during winter, are no longer dry. The perfectly happy cream is light enough for my face and the over the moon is rich enough for my hands. I fully recommend these products. Thanks Aaron and Phoebe :)

Didn't work for me...

Tried it out a sample for the first time yesterday in the air-conditioned indoors and the humid outdoors in Singapore - within 3 hours I started to unfortunately stink. I had to re-apply it again.
I also think that my skin reacted to the bicarb - it felt a little itchy.
I've been trying a couple of natural deos (Crystal, Tom's) without much success. Will move on to trying other brands.
On the plus side, I liked the scent and it didn't stain my clothes.

Hi Xuan It sounds like you might be going through an adjustment period. We have sent you an email explaining about it more and also with some tips on how to get through it faster.
It's natural and it works!

I have many problems with deodorants. Normal ones dont stop me from being stinky and the natural ones I have tried give me a rash. Woohoo is the first that I have tried that gave me no rash and stopped me from being stinky "woohoo!"

Amazing results

I love Woohoo urban . Great smell, easy to use and it does a great job, Well done, and I shall be back.

love it!

I loved the wild and urban they worked really well for me, but I didnt like the mellow so much I felt like it didnt give me the same protection like the others did. I would definitely recommend ❤

Thank you very much for leaving a review we really appreciate it. Mellow is bicarb and fragrance free so for some people it is not as powerful as Urban and Wild while others is can work better. It's amazing how different we all are :) Mellow was created as we had some people who really wanted to make the switch but needed something bicarb and fragrance free :)

I must be one of those ppl where natural products don’t work. I can smell faint sweat halfway through the day. The green Whoo hoo is probably the one which masks this the best but unfortunately I’m yet to find a suitable product and I really want to use natural aluminium free. I’m still searching

Yay for woohoo

Absolutely love this product I brought the samples to try and now I’m about to buy the bigger tubs thanks heaps for a awesome product

5 stars ⭐️

I’m a newby trying this wonderful product so far so good ,well done guys

Love it

Tried numerous other types of aluminum free deo. None work as well as this. Wonderful product

Happy skin :)

I started using the Happyskincare products around 1.5months ago and my skin looks and feels so much nicer. My skin is just happy and I’m glad I made the switch to the Happyskincare products!


Loving the woohoo deodorant and will definately be buying a full size tub (once I figure out which scent I love the most)

Happy I’ve found Happy skin care!

Liking the product samples and moisturiser range I ordered subsequently

Pleasantly surprised

I tried this after finding I needed to reapply normal deodorant a couple of times a day, even though I have an office job. But with this stuff I can apply it once in the morning, work all day and go for a run and still don’t need to reapply. The health factor is an added benefit.

Love it!

Happy to report that I can use this natural deodorant without getting itchy!! I love the fresh fragrances and the generous sized tub with scoop! Also love that it is Aussie, natural, vegan & cruelty-free!!

Good Stuff

Most deodorants, particularly the spray on type give me a rash, but since using Woohoo body I have not had any sign of this problem. I find it very soothing and extremely effective and will continue to use this product in the future. Well done.

Love them and they work!

I found that with my old antiperspirants (Dove and Nivea) I'd get itchy underarms and would actually start to smell after a few hours and need to reapply, perhaps because I sweat easily and have been using antiperspirant since I was a tween daily. After using woohoo I actually feel like I've got rid of all my bad smell completely, it's incredible! And no more itching!

Difficult for hairy folk, great for tweens!

I'm sure this product works great for some. I LOVED the scents! Unfortunately I just found it really difficult to apply because I don't shave. The video on how to apply shows it going on super easy, but on freshly shaved pits. This isn't the first natural deo in this format I've tried with similar results. My daughter, who is 11, really loves them though!
Also, I live in Tassie so things are extra hardened because of the cold and that may have contributed.

Hi Sarah, thanks so much for taking the time to let us know about your Woohoo experience :) We have had some (self proclaimed) very hairy blokes wearing Woohoo, and I think the trick is in letting it melt before you try to rub it in. What I like to do is to take a pea sized amount and put it under my arm (NOT rubbing it in), then brush my teeth or moisturise or whatever you might be busy doing, and THEN come back and rub it in about 30 secs later. If you give it that little bit of time to soften right up you should find it rubs in much easier :) Hope this helps! (and if not thanks again for sharing Woohoo with your daughter, it's never too early to start making healthy choices.) x Phoebe
Very Moisturising!

This is the best moisturiser for night time - although I do use it in the mornings sometimes. It's thick and creamy and feels amazing. My skins thanks me when I use it!

Simply fantastic!

This balm is lightweight, not oily, balanced, and super hydrating! I first used it on an awful blister I had from a cystic pimple, which was smack in the middle of my face and needed to be cleared up ASAP - and this balm did the job, less than a week later it is completely healed and smooth. I've also been using it on my lips and hands which are very dry and flakey, and it works wonders very quickly. So glad I found this.


Once I started using the right amount for me it has worked wonderfully. Been out digging the garden planting trees for a full day and still no smell.