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Works as described

I'm very happy to have found a product that actually eliminates odour without causing a rash! Thank you!

Best face cream! <3

I love this cream. I'm on my third tube! It's very luxurious and hydrating. Sometimes I even mix it with a little argan oil for even more moisture. I love the fact that it has no essential oils that irritate my super sensitive skin. Now I just need to find a cleanser that has no essential oils... ;)

The best little skincare ebook ever

This ebook came at the right times my skin was suffering severely from dry flaky itchy skin, prone to breakouts. On
Top of that rosacea and sensitive skin. This ebook helped me identify which products I needed and how I could help my skin be the best it could be.


I found that the oil doesn't spread easily and go very far on my skin, so I mix one or two drops with my normal moisturiser just so that I can cover a larger area and still get the benefits of this great oil. The scent is very earthy which is not wonderful but it is ok as this is such a pure product for the most sensitive of skins which is awesome to be able to have such a product.

Hi Marnie, thank you so much for your honest review. We really appreciate your feedback. I am so sorry you had a less than ideal experience with our TLC Intensive Repair Oil. We have found it spreads more easily over a damp skin. The earthy smell is due to not adding any essential oils to the product. As you know this makes it suitable for any skin type even very sensitive skin. Thanks again :)
Happy as pig in mud

This mask is great to use. It mixes really easily with only a very small amount of water so it goes a long way. It is easy to apply. I love the way my skin feels after using it.


I love all the Woohoo deodorants but this one smells seriously good! It is super easy to apply because of the smooth formula and works a charm! Love the new eco friendly tins as well. Another 10/10 deodorant from the Woohoo team.

Best stuff ever!

I've been using the urban deodorant for over a year now, but i recently decided to purchase this one as well to give it a go. I was so impressed, it works fantastic during those hot sweaty days and for when i go on hikes or excersize! Plus the citrus scent is super nice and I know I'm not putting any nasties on my skin - its a win win situation!

A great way to try products

Products are great smelling and feel amazing on the skin. My favourite was the cleansing balm!

My active acne did seem to heal faster

This serum really helped rehydrate my skin and tone the redness down a bit. I'm not sure if i had less breakouts than before but my active acne did seem to heal faster. My skin tone was also more even.

I find it most useful when I apply it as a spot treatment for my acne

With all the active natural ingredients, everybody can try this out! I find it most useful when I apply it as a spot treatment for my acne just right after I cleaned my face. Then after that, I followed it with a nice night moisturiser. The next day, I see lesser redness on my acne and I believe it even made my acne less sensitive to touch! (Uhm, don't touch your acne).

You need to try it for yourself!!

Fairy Godmother serum is a great product! I tried it on my skin, on my cheeks I get little pimples that are annoying. Fairy Godmother serum got rid of them! It's amazing, you need to try it for yourself!!

Healed faster, less redness

This serum is great!! Absorbs so nicely and gives great results. Didn't completely stop any breakouts, but it healed faster, less redness and overall my skin felt smoother and softer.

Gentle but active ingredients

I love this serum as it uses gentle but active ingredients. No strong smell, absorbs super quick and leaves no oily residue. I will definately repurchase and continue using this for a few more months to see it’s long term effects.

Silky, soft and supple

Love this product! It absorbs into my skin instantly, leaving it silky, soft and supple and a little bit goes a long way!

I'm very surprised!

ive only been using this 5 days and my skin is softer and smoother, im very surprised!

Some fine lines have started to smooth out

After testing it twice a day for a week, I can feel my skin is tighter and some fine lines have started to smooth out. Cant wait to see the results of a few weeks use!

I was happily surprised by how much more moisturised my face felt using this

I was happily surprised by how much more moisturised my face felt using this. It helped plump out the skin so wrinkles were less noticeable too. Loving this and will definitely use again!

A marked improvement in my skin after just a couple of days use

i noticed a marked improvement in my skin after just a couple of days use. I will certainly continue to use this magic serum.

I love it

Omg Fairy Godmother serum is delicious I live in rural Australia my skin is dry winkly ugly its made a huge difference to my face and neck. I love it

Beautiful, luxe texture

Love this serum! Ive tried so many others so this one took me completely by surprise! Beautiful, luxe texture, easily glides and spreads onto your skin. And results! Definitely a wave of a magic wand

Softened and smoothed

A light non greasy serum that softened and smoothed.

My skin is loving it and feels more plumped

Glides on easily and only need the tiniest amount as it spreads so well. My skin is loving it and feels more plumped after only a week.

Beautifully lucious potion

I was lucky to be chosen to try out the new Fairy Godmother Serum #1 - Aging. I saw an improvement in the texture of the skin especially my neck during the 2 weeks I used this beautifully lucious potion. Well done

Plumps the skin up nicely

I have been using the Fairy Godmother serum for two weeks now and I am loving it. It sinks in to the skin very quickly and plumps the skin up nicely. I have noticed a bit more radiance to my skin as well. Thank you.

Plumped up

My skin 'drank' in the goodies in this newest addition to the Happy range, leaving it feeling moistened and 'happily' plumped up. Though it's too soon to know the long-term benefits, my feeling is that this will be a winner!