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Best Natural Deodorant Ever!

I have very sensitive skin so I'm always a bit hesitant to try anything new, but I must say this deodorant works a treat! I use "Mellow" because it's unscented and doesn't cause any irritation whatsoever. Would definitely recommend :o)

Love it!

This is the most effective natural deodorant I have ever used. And I love that the packaging isn’t plastic.

Woo hoo is awesome

Absolutely love woohoo. I was struggling to find a deodorant that would actually work. Trying to find any without anti perspirant is a massive challenge. Glad through companies like woohoo people are becoming more aware of the hazards of aluminium in their deodorant. Love love love woohoo.


One tin was damaged and unuseable and I really struggle with the concept of applying the paste by hand when I am already hot and sweaty

Oh no, we are so sorry to hear one of your tin's was damaged in shipping. If you would like to let us know which flavour and confirm your shipping address we will happily send you a replacement. If applying paste by hand is not your thing, we have our new Woohoo deodorant sticks! They might do the trick ! We always recommend to apply the paste or stick to fresh pits for maximum benefits :) We can't wait to hear from you
Amazing natural deodorant

I love this product. I can put it on in the morning, work a busy stressful job for 10 hours and still feel fresh at the end of the day.

Eco Tubes

Hi guys ,

Love your new eco tubes. My husband and I both use woohoo body exclusively now. From now on the wild eco tube will be a staple in our house for my husband. For myself, I am undecided with the surf blend as to whether or not I prefer the tin or the tube. The Wild seems to slide easier in and out. I also like Urban so I may try that in the tube before I decide. Either way, your products are all we use in the under arm department and I can't wait until my kids need to start using deodorant so I can start their experience naturally! Thank you!!

So Happy

What a generous sample! Love the product, have bought the range in full size and ordered sample for my daughter. So HAPPY!


The best cleanser I’ve used. It’s so lush! Feels so soothing on my skin and smells like a trip to the day spa. My skin tone has evened out and my blemishes have cleared. I love that it completely removes eye makeup too without irritation. An easy part of my skin care routine, that I look forward to using morning and night.

Love it

I had very cracked lips this Winter, more than usual. Tried Crack Me Up, and I now have a tube in my office draw, handbag and home

Call off the search party for prefect products - Life changing

I’m onto my second pack and loving it. My skin is amazing and in such a better state than before I started with happy skin. So happy I’ll never change my skin routine and products again. I’ve found my match.


So much goodness in one bottle, this oil is so replenishing to the skin and feels amazing. Gives my skin beautiful textured

Just... awesome!

I love the range, but the Urban and Wild are my absolute favourites!!!! The tiny spatula is wonderful and the scents are fantastic 😄 This is our new deodorant ❤️


Sample sizes are perfect for travelling and a great way to decide which scent is the best for you. I am completely converted!

Converted customer!

I had never tried any natural deoderants before, but after seeing a Woohoo ad on social media I figured I'd give it a go and I am so happy I did! I love the feel of the product on my skin and the subtle scent of Urban. So far it's worked perfectly- will have to wait and see for summer. Healthier for the body and the cardboard tube is better for the environment. Win-win! I have just placed a second order and will be recommending to others. Thank you!


I’m finally back to my self. Sweating again but smelling amazing. No more chafing when I work out but letting my body do what it suppose to do. Not only that but eco friendly and biodegradable for our future generations. Bowing 🙇‍♀️ to the awesome woohoo crew. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼 Amazing and thank you so much

This product is absolutely amazing! Not only is the packaging eco-friendly and biodegradable but it smells and feels amazing on your lips! It is my favourite lip balm I have ever used! I would completely recommend it!

Easy and Convenient

Surf scent is pleasant. The stick is easy to use. I found it glides on easily and works great. I use the surf stick on cooler days and wild extra strength on warmer days which works for me.

Natural and works

A little goes along way. Rubs easily into my skin. Nice scent. Very good for those extra warm days.

Switched to Oil cleanser

I trialled a few different cleansers in the Happy range and settles in this. I was sceptical about an oil cleanser at first having always been a gel type of girl but this does feel quite luxurious on my skin. It takes some adjusting but now I really love the feel. After cleansing oil I place a warm face towel over my face for about 10 secs. Don’t know if it’s doing anything that’s proven scientifically beneficial for my skin but it sure does feel good.

The missing product in my regime

Before using this product I confess I ‘liked’ my skin and products. I then added this to exisiting regime and it has turned like to love. Will be keeping this in my regime for certain.

Happy with mask

All in all, like this product. Skins feels soft after use.

What a wonderful serum !

I love this eye serum ! Since using it , the skin around my eyes feels bright and saturated with moisture and it really helps with morning puffiness

My favourite face cleansing product

This sponge is such a gentle alternative to the traditional face cloth - and it really works ! I have always have problem skin, but thanks to this sponge I do not even need to use any other kind of face cleanser.

Super convenient! Application a bit harder through...

I love the convenience of the deodorant stick! It's super easy to throw in my gym bag and rub on before or after a workout, without having to worry about my fingers getting all sticky from scooping up the paste. I will say that I think the paste applies better - probably because you can warm the deodorant up with your fingers before applying it, whereas the stick goes on cold and can get a bit cakey and leave a bit of a white residue before the oil in the paste warms up, so that's why I'm only giving it 4 stars.

Thank you so much for your honest review :) We are loving how much you are enjoying the freedom of the tube. This little tip may get things working a bit better for you with the tubes in this cooler weather. When applying I have found holding the top of the deodorant against the skin for a moment to warm makes a much smoother application. This allows you to use less deodorant and hopefully avoid any transfer onto your clothes or build up in the pits. A couple of swipes up and down is all you need and you're good to go :) We've found with this cold weather the tubes have been a little tricky to push up too. By simply rubbing the tubes between your hands or holding it under your arm to warm it slightly makes them easier to push up. ​ We would love to hear how you go and if this makes a difference for you :)
Only Regret

My only regret is that I haven’t been using this sooner - the cardboard tube is an excellent idea. I haven’t noticed sweat coming through on my top and the scent is pleasant without being overpowering .

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