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The 'Good, Clean, Fun' Blog

Hello! This week Sussi M is our Face of the Week.

To say Sussi has had her fair share of sadness is an understatement.  I am not going to go into the tragedies suffered by Sussi and her family because it is a very personal story and I would rather tell everyone of the positive view Sussi has on life.

  • 2 min read

Jayne H from St Helens in Tasmania gets the prize this week for her ‘against the odds’ achievement. Jayne (through her self-confessed nagging) has broken through the Aussie male façade! Her lovely husband has finally cracked and now understands the need to take care of his skin.

  • 1 min read

Julie was courageous enough to put her name forward and is a great example of keeping a positive frame of mind.

Julie is a proud mother of 4 grown up children who are now giving her the joy of being a Grandmother. Between us I think Julie is just a little excited about being a Grandmother for the first time which is fantastic!

  • 2 min read

It is our pleasure to announce Bronwyn P, as our first ever ‘Face of the Week’!

Bronwyn’s story is of an everyday Mum doing everyday things extraordinarily. Bronwyn is a mother of two beautiful children and she is being an exceptional Mum to them both.

Bronwyn and her family suffered a tragedy 18 months ago with Bronwyn unexpectedly losing a husband and her children losing a father.

  • 2 min read

It is a momentous day – Happy Skincare is now on YouTube! Check out our latest video and tell us what you think

The post Get “Wow Winter Skin” Video appeared first on Happy Skincare.

  • 1 min read

We think you do! Read on to find out why.

Well, the local news just called today a superb Winter’s day and I tend to agree with them.

Before I dive head first into this month’s newsletter check out the following video because it provided the inspiration.

  • 2 min read

Hi Friend,

You may be thinking that you haven’t heard from us in a while.

You’re right – we took some time out over the past weeks to welcome our new son Corbin into the world. We are now incredibly proud first-time parents.

But now we are back with a bang.

  • 1 min read

I recently had my yearly visit to the dermatologist. I go once a year because I have very fair skin and living in Australia puts me in the high risk category for skin cancer. Every dermatologist I have seen has told me similar thing. I should be living in Scotland, England, Norway or Alaska.

  • 3 min read

I am a huge advocate of natural skincare products that do not contain potentially hazardous ingredients. 
The scary thing is that so many products contain them (even those that you can buy from a health food store). I hear you ask – “Why”? Simple answer: because they’re cheap, readily available, and easy to dilute.

  • 4 min read

If you are like me then the ingredients list on the back of a cosmetic is like reading a foreign language. It’s so hard to know which ingredients are safe, and which ingredients you should avoid. 
Something that we often neglect to think about is that the ingredients that AREN’T in a product can be just as important as the ingredients that ARE in it.

The flies have appeared and the mozzies have launched their first offensive of the summer but I love this time of year. Christmas is bearing down on us as we try and think of presents other than the traditional socks and undies solution.

  • 1 min read

Here’s another little at home recipe that you can use to treat yourself one day. This cleanser is particularly good if you’re prone to break-outs. Ingredients 1/4 Cup Oats 1/2 Cup water 2 tbs Bicarbonate soda 1 tbs honey Optional extras for oily skin 6 drops of tea tree oil […]

The post Free Recipe – Oats and Honey Facial Cleanser appeared first on Happy Skincare.

  • 1 min read

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