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(EEEK – embarrassing video!) How to use a cleansing balm

Cleansing balms are unique creatures, and you use them quite differently to your everyday foaming or cream cleansers. Because they’re made mostly of lovely oils they only need the tiniest amount of water to do their job.

We have been getting a lot of questions about how to use our beloved Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm (we never thought when we created it that it would start gaining “cult” status like it is!) so we decided to make a video to make sure you’re getting the most out of this awesome product.

Phoebe’s a bit embarrassed about this video but for the sake of the greater good here’s her demo of how to use the Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm. She’s blaming pregnancy brain for the bloopers.

These are brand new tips based on the new Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm formula that we released in February which has a slightly different texture. We’ll be updating our labels with new directions very soon.

There’s no right or wrong way to use a cleansing balm but some ways are definately easier than others.

One big no-no is using it with too much water – that can leave your skin feeling waxy because the balm won’t have a chance to rub into your skin and do its job. That’s why we don’t recommend using it in the shower, unless you’re using it just before you hop into the shower and just washing it off while you shower (we’d call that clever multi-tasking!).

We have found the easiest way to use the cleansing balm is to mix the balm with a touch of warm water in your palm to make a rich milk emulsion before you massage it onto your (usually dry) face.

If you have any questions about how to use the Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm leave us a comment below or email at contact@happyskincare.com.au. We’re here to help!