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Dime a Dozen – Are all moisturisers really just the same?

If you listen to the skincare brands then no – they are not all the same. But if you listen to my old man then they’re all the same goop just in a different jar.

There is a little bit of truth in both. Moisturisers are like songs. 3 chords have been arranged in different ways to create musical magic and it’s the same with moisturisers. Even though similar ingredients can be used, what sets them apart is the balance and arrangement. It is where the craft takes over from the science.

And that balance has different effects on your skin depending on you. Your age, skin type and health all plays a part, and finding the right moisturiser for you will often involve some trial and error.

Moisturiser Basics

There are 2 basic parts of a moisturiser that actually do the job of keeping your skin moist.

  1. Emollients and Occlusives – These provide your skin with a protective layer of oil which slows moisture loss. This is important because as we age our natural oil layer (sebum) reduces. Good occlusive or emollient oils also provide the skin with essential fatty acids and other nutrients.
  2. Humectants – These boost your skin’s ability to hold onto moisture and also draw moisture in from the environment.

Moisturisers are a balancing act of these 2 basic parts along with botanical extracts, other active ingredients, preservatives and aromas (and any of these components could be natural or synthetic, we choose 100% natural ingredients).

The best moisturisers provide your skin not only with protection, moisture and nutrients, but are also pleasing to use. And what’s pleasing to use is a completely personal choice since we all have different skin.

How do our moisturisers stack up?

Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil (for your face) and TLC Intensive Repair Oil (for your body)

Since these are both oils they are made up of emollients (i.e. no humectants). Your skin will love them because your skin is designed to use oils. Our oils leave a slight protective barrier on your skin, and since they have a low molecular weight they are feather light and soak right in without leaving you shiny and greasy.

Your skin’s natural affinity with oil means good facial and body oils allow other nutrient-dense ingredients to soak in deeper to where the ‘skin-plumping-collagen-magic’ happens. Adding a few drops of Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil to your fav anti-ageing cream is a good thing :).

Perfectly Happy Anti-Ageing Cream

Oils don’t float everyone’s boat and that’s cool. Some skin really needs the moisture boosting powers of a humectant. The Perfectly Happy Anti-Ageing Cream is a light cream but with excellent humectant properties because instead of using glycerine (which can have a heavy feel on your skin) we chose to use sorbitol. Sorbitol comes from sugar and it leaves your skin moisturised and silky smooth without leaving a pore clogging film behind.

We have then balanced the moisture-capturing powers of sorbitol with the emollient powers of squalane, hemp seed oil and shea butter. And just like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae we have added nutrient-dense organic and 100% natural extracts such as Kakadu Plum, Quandong, Papaya, Pomegranate and Green Tea.

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