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6 ways to help prevent dry skin

If you don’t get dry skin at some time or other in your life then you are definitely among the minority! Winter is usually the culprit for the dry skin blues but lots of us suffer dry skin all year round. Usually the worst parts are your hands, feet, elbows and knees because this where you have the least amount of oil glands.

There are lots of reasons for dry skin with common ones being the environment, poor diet, health conditions and medications. Plus as we age our skin produces less oil. As we get older our skin no longer holds on to moisture as well as it used to and slathering on more and more lotion is not the complete answer.

Here are our top 6 tips to help prevent dry skin…

1. Cleanse Gently (don’t over-cleanse)

It is very important to cleanse your skin but also to do it without sucking all the moisture out. Avoid foaming facial and body washes that use sulphates (look for SLES and SLS on the ingredients label) which clear away all the muck very effectively but they also clear away too much of your natural oil leaving your skin at the mercy of the harsh environment. Oil-based cleansers clean just as effectively but are more gentle and kind to your skin and don’t leave you feeling oily.

For your face we can’t go past our Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm.

Your hands need to be kept clean for good hygiene but you don’t need anti-bacterial sanitisers. They are very drying and they have been proven to be no more effective than washing your hands properly with gentle soap (we love to use a liquid castille soap at home).

To help your hands after washing try and get into the habit of moisturising after washing your hands. You can also look to use a cream that also acts as a second skin that protects and prevents moisture loss. (Sshh we may have something like this very soon!)

2. Exfoliate

Without clearing away dead skin cells no moisturiser will work properly. You can either use body brushes, scrubs or products with Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHA’s (these are like a very mild non-abrasive peel).

If using a scrub it is easy to overdo it which can severely irritate dry skin, so look for products with very fine particles like jojoba beads or almond meal.

The Tickled Pink Perfecting Tonic uses Black Willow Bark and Papaya for their AHA exfoliating properties. The Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic is gentler and contains the AHA properties of Kakadu Plum and Pomegranate.

3. A Double Act – Moisturiser + Oil

Moisturise after showering to prevent dry skinThe best time to seal in moisture is straight after a bath or shower, applying your moisturiser while your skin is still slightly damp. If you have really dry skin using a moisturiser and oil together is a great option. After you put on your favourite body lotion you could use the TLC Intensive Repair Oil to lock the moisture in and also provide a protective barrier to slow down the loss of moisture throughout the day.

For your face you can pair the Perfectly Happy Anti-Ageing Cream and Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil to get your skin from being dry and flaky to soft and dewy.

4. Don’t spend too much time in air conditioned rooms

Those with chronic dry skin should minimise time in air conditioning. Air conditioners remove humidity and moisture from the air which can severely dry out your skin.

Adding humidity by using a humidifier does the opposite. It adds moisture to the air which prevents slowing down moisture loss from your skin. It can also help rebalance your skin and you may notice that your skin stays hydrated for longer. Humidifiers are best used in winter because during summer they could make your room too hot and feel like you are sleeping in a rainforest!

5. Eat less sugar

Sugar is the arch nemesis to good skin. Sugar increases inflammation in the body which damages collagen and elastin allowing more moisture to escape. Not a good thing for anybody let alone if you are suffering dry skin. As hard as it is limit your sugar intake or quit sugar altogether (if willing) as it will only benefit your skin and overall health.

6. Say hello to Omega 3

If you’ve been following our blog then omega 3 doesn’t need an introduction (but you can read all about the health benefits of omega 3 here). The health boosting effects of this great oil are well known but we can’t go around rubbing fish oil all over ourselves. The best sources of omega 3 for the skin are hemp seed oil and chia seed oil. Both these oils have an affinity with skin and you don’t need to have dry skin to benefit from them.

You’ll find Chia Seed Oil in both the Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil and TLC Intensive Repair Oil.

You’ll find Hemp Seed Oil in the Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil and the Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm.

Follow these tips and you should be able to finally take control of your dry skin

Do you need more help?

BUT… if you have already tried everything and you’re still having troubles managing your skin condition please get in touch so that we can give you some more personalised advice. Just email Aaron and Phoebe at contact@happyskincare.com.au. We truly get a massive buzz out of helping you overcome your skin problems!

Image source: www.freedigitalphotos.net. Artists: stockimages, Grant Cochrane, posterize