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Body Oils – Are you a fan or still on the sideline wondering?

Just like a 1980’s rock star body oils are making a comeback. Actually, treating the skin with oils has been around for donkey’s years. The ancient Egyptians were famous in the use of skin beautifying oils, and who doesn’t want to feel like an Egyptian queen every now and again?

We understand that it can be daunting if you have never used a body oil before because the old style body oils (especially those made of mineral oil) left you feeling so oily that if you went for a swim you might cause an environmental incident.

Luckily many light and delicate oils are being rediscovered and just like a bad mullet and shoulder pads we can leave the old heavy body oils in the past.

Oils are best applied to damp skin and are lighter than a cream. They provide the skin with a protective barrier (having a healthy lipid barrier prevents moisture loss). Plus they deliver magnificent nutrients to the skin – all of the vitamins, minerals and omega’s you need to leave your skin just how you want it – soft and supple.

Jojoba, Argan and Rosehip Oil are the big names hogging the limelight but there are so many more with their own superpowers. Why limit yourself to just one?

Today’s new breed of body oils like the TLC Intensive Repair Oil use a blend of oils to harness the rejuvenating properties of more than just one oil. Some are really potent so only a little is needed. This is great for the old hip pocket because they can be very expensive due to low yielding crops. For example one of our favourite oils, tamanu oil, takes 100kg of fruit to make only 5 litres of oil.

The TLC Intensive Repair Oil is what we like to call a “naked” body oil because we haven’t added any essential oils. We did this because it was originally created for a lady undergoing chemotherapy and we didn’t want to make her nauseous. We also needed to limit the possibility of any skin reaction. The oil has a hint of rosemary which boosts the antioxidant content protecting it from oxidisation.

The TLC Oil has just been updated with the addition of Chia Seed Oil so it gives your skin the skin rejuvenating powers of omega 3, the essential fatty acid that your body is unable to create for itself.

Adding a body oil to your beauty kit will have you heading into the holiday season with soft, supple and radiant skin.