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The difference between a deodorant stick vs a deodorant paste

Way back in 2015 when Woohoo Body first started, our very first deodorant was a deodorant paste (it was our award-winning Urban scent!).

While there are loads and loads of folks who love our pastes, there are some who would prefer an application where you don’t have to get deodorant on your fingers or touch your armpits - and that’s why we created our deodorant sticks.

Are our sticks and pastes the same formula, just in different packaging?

This is one of our most asked questions! Our sticks and pastes are actually quite different, so no, they aren’t the same formula.

The sticks and pastes use the same active deodorising ingredients and the same essential oils (or food grade flavouring in the case of our Surf scent), but that’s where the similarities end. :)

What’s the difference?

Our deodorant pastes (the ones in the tins) contain more Shea butter than the sticks. This gives the paste a buttery texture that melts easily when rubbed between your fingertips to apply like a moisturiser.

On the other hand, our sticks have a firmer, waxier texture and contain slightly more deodorising ingredients. The reason for the higher amount of active ingredients (like bicarb soda or magnesium) is that we designed the sticks for you to use a bit less product than the pastes. Simply swipe a couple of times under your arms and away you go!

Which one is for you?

Deciding whether you’re a stick or a paste person it is really more of a preference as to whether you don't mind your fingers getting involved in the process.

While some people prefer not to touch their armpits, it might help to remember that touching your armpits is totally natural and not gross :) In fact, touching your pits has the added benefit of making sure you’re familiar with your body and can do a little health check and pick up any abnormalities in your lymph nodes and breasts.

If you’re ready to give Woohoo a try, our paste sample pack will give you a chance to experience all our pastes and see which one works best for you.

We don’t have a sample pack in our sticks yet (we haven’t worked out an economical and eco-friendly way to do it!), but if you do jump straight in and purchase a stick rather than trying our sample pack first, you’ve always got the peace of mind knowing we have a 30 day happiness promise and 30 day free returns.*

*Conditions apply.