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Natural deodorant not working? Stick with it - you might need an arm pit detox.

Natural deodorant not working? Stick with it - you might need an arm pit detox.

Every now and then natural deodorant doesn't work right away. Don't give up! It just takes some patience.

Some of the most common things we hear on the grapevine about natural deodorants are that they:

  1. don’t last,
  2. feel sticky and wet, or (worst of all)
  3. just don’t plain work at all.

If you’ve tried Woohoo Body natural deodorant and it didn’t work for you right away, we can see why you might jump to the same conclusion BUT we’ve got some good news.

It might be what you’ve been usingbeforeWoohoo that’s causing the problem.

So don’t give up on your natural deodorant dreams just yet – we’re here to help you stay strong and stick with it. You’re worth it!

Because sometimes Woohoo won’t work (oh no!)

You see, if you’ve been relying on aluminium-based antiperspirants to keep you fresh all day then your body needs time to adjust.

Your body is too used to relying on the aluminium “plugs” in your sweat glands to stop it from sweating.

It has forgotten how to do it properly which makes it hard for natural deodorants to work effectively. Your body needs some time to get back into the swing of things. Think of it as a detox period.

Luckily your body is pretty smart so it only takes a few days (about 4 days is most common).

It can take longer though – we’ve heard from one dedicated soul that took 8 weeks. That person needs a medal because I don’t think many of us would have stuck it out that long, especially as it can get worse before it gets better.

Yup, sorry to be a party pooper but your body can give off some new aromas as it adjusts. It doesn’t happen to everyone but it can happen.

Another thing you may experience is that the natural deodorant works great for a few days and then seemed to be less effective. This is the same thing - it’s just your body taking a few days to notice it’s not getting its daily dose of aluminium and the balance of good and bad bacteria on your skin's surface (your microbiome) is out of whack.

Everybody is different – with different lifestyles, diets, hormone levels and body chemistry which all play a role in how we smell.

Speeding up the detox process

Woohoo Arm Pit Detox

There are a couple of things you can do to help speed up the process of getting that aluminium dependency out of your system.

  1. Wash really well under arms every day.
  2. Exfoliate under your arms once or twice a week. Grab some coffee, sugar or exfoliating mitt and give some love to your underarms.
  3. Apply a clay mask to under your arms. We know it sounds weird but it can really help to get your body sweating properly again. We call this a pit detox mask.

We know it can be hard when your body doesn’t take to it immediately so hopefully this has helped you stay the course.

Ditching the aluminium and making the switch to natural deodorant is definitely worth it. And once you’ve crossed over you’ll never turn back. Promise.

P.S. If you want any more details about how to do an armpit detox mask, click here to check out our fail-proof formula!

Arm Pit Detox Mask