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Why your body hair can stop your natural deodorant from working

Why your body hair can stop your natural deodorant from working

Body hair is a funny ‘ol thing. Sure, the hair on your head is cool. You can style it, colour it, cut it, braid it. You name it.

But when it comes to underarm hair, what’s the point of it? Is it totally useless?

Answer is… no! Those seemingly random strands of hair growing out of your armpits are actually quite clever at reducing friction.

Our pit hairs stop the skin-on-skin contact that causes friction and annoying chafing. But that’s not the only reason we have hair under our arms.

Our armpits are home to our sweat glands, which release pheromones. Having armpit hair traps the scent of your pheromones, which turns up the dial on your sex appeal. Interesting, right?

So, armpit hair reduces the chances of chafing and makes you sexier. What’s not to love about hairy pits?!

Well, there is a small downside.

Your armpit tresses can actually make you smellier. FACT.

Could armpit hair be causing your body odour?

Body odour isn’t actually caused by sweat. It’s caused by the bacteria that munches on the sweat. And hairy pits provide extra places for bacteria to gather and grow.

This in turn creates a greater likelihood of stinky pits and body odour in general.

It gets worse though.

Hair absorbs moisture, which means the funky stench can stick around for longer. Doh!

What’s more, studies have shown that underarm hair in men reduces the effectiveness of regular washing with soap and water to get rid of body odour.

Males who removed their underarm hair (via waxing or shaving) before washing with soap and water had an immediate reduction in odour compared with those who just clipped their hair or who only washed.

But hey, whether you embrace body hair or not, battling unwanted odour is a breeze with the help of our funky-smell-fighting Woohoo natural deodorants.

Deodorant tips for hairy pits

If you do happen to have hair under your arms, this can prevent deodorant products from reaching your skin, making it harder for your deodorant to do its job.

So, if hairy armpits are your thing, you might need a little extra product.

You might also want to choose a Woohoo deodorant paste (rather than a stick). This is because the paste style is rubbed in with your fingertips, giving you the best coverage so your natural deodorant can get busy busting B.O.

Start with a pea-sized amount of one of our 100% natural pastes and rub it between your index finger and thumb. This warms the paste, making it easier to apply.

Using your fingertips, rub the deodorant into your armpit. Remember it needs to get through the hair all the way to your skin, covering the whole armpit area.

A little bit goes a long way – it’s just like rubbing in a moisturiser and there shouldn’t be any deodorant visible on your skin once it’s properly applied.

You can, of course, use our deodorant sticks to get the job done – but just remember to add a couple more swipes than usual and you may still benefit from rubbing them in with your hand to make sure they get through the hair to your skin.

Regardless, our hard-working natural deodorants limit the stink and encourage healthy, happy sweating — no matter whether your pits are hairy or bare.

TIP: You can even use our natural deodorants on other parts of your body (hair or no hair) – such as sweaty feet and chafe-prone areas, like under boobs and on your thighs. Clever huh!