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Come behind the scenes at Woohoo HQ!

Come behind the scenes at Woohoo HQ!

Ever wondered what it's like to work at Woohoo... especially during the silly season!?

Step right up for the grand tour and see how your Woohoo Wonders are whipped up, wrapped up, and sent on their way to you from our fun-filled factory 🤩.

First, we pop into the Woohoo HQ and greet our wonderful team! Our team is made up of 11 awesome people who we love to bits!

We know how to have fun here at Woohoo, but boy, our team sure knows how to work hard too. 💪🏼

We didn't even manage to get a pic of our Customer Service Legends at their desks because they were buried under paperwork. 😂

Phoebe and Aaron - we get excited every time an order pops through!

Next, we check to see if any orders or 5-star reviews have come in overnight and do a little happy dance and hi-5 each time another pings through.

Aaron in the mixologist lab

Time to head on over to the where the magic happens - our mixologist lab where NEW PRODUCTS are developed!

Look - there’s Aaron whipping up Woohoo's latest concoction. 

Woohoo's master makers

Now it’s time for our epic Master Mixers to make some fresh batches of Woohoo goodness. Our creations are made in small batches by hand.

It’s super important that we have thorough quality control and make sure everything is PERFECT before it is put on the shelf. 

Our Pick and Pack Angels in the warehouse

Our Pick-and-Pack Angels then bring everything together at the packing station.

Your order is carefully packed into its box using minimal packaging and eco-friendly, compostable materials.

We also pop in some good vibes before we tape up the box! (with paper tape 😊)

Shipping your natural deodorant order around Australia

Your order is then picked up by our couriers who safely deliver each box all over Oz (and beyond!).

We clean up and pack away for the day. This is actually one of the day's most important tasks, as a clean environment is oh-so-important to us.

Day made! Then we leave our fun-filled factory with a big ol’ smile on our dial.

Thanks for joining us on our little behind-the-scenes adventure 💚💚

Merry Christmas from Phoebe and Aaron