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Behind the Biz

Behind the Biz

It occurred to us the other day that we’ve never really given you a peek into the everyday going-ons of our Happy HQ (where all the magic happens!).

Though it’s nowhere near as glamorous as people might think it is, we thought it might be a bit fun to walk you through a typical day.

We tried for a great pic of us together looking all official and work-like but the truth is that we don't really get spare time to take pictures of ourselves at work! So this one is of us and our 2 cheeky sons who keep life (more than) interesting ;)

Here goes Monday....

6am – There’s no easing into the day with a lazy brekkie in bed. Phoebe hits the ground running. Literally! She’s already up and out the door for her morning run (She’s got a half marathon to train for, people!).

7am – Phoebe’s back (looking a bit red-faced and sweaty but nothing our 3 Cheers Cleansing Oil can’t solve) in time to make the kids’ school lunches. Meanwhile, Aaron’s skulling coffee and planning his escape. Just kidding. Super Dad’s taking one for the team and rallying the kids up to get a healthy brekkie into their hungry bellies.

7.30am – While Phoebe and Aaron wrestle in the kitchen, Dave (our legendary compounder) is already at the Happy Shed and has fired up the pots to start cooking a batch of Woohoo Deodorant Paste. Nice one Dave!

8am - The Happy Shed’s A-team Michelle (our back-of-house mastermind) and Kerrie-Ann (customer service extraordinaire!) arrive at work and sing “good morning” to Dave who is already well and truly into handmaking fresh batches of Woohoo. Legend! Michelle works her magic labelling, filling, and launches into the mind-boggling process of getting all the products on the storeroom shelf. Kerrie-Ann cracks into the emails we received overnight, making sure there are no urgent things we need to change for today’s orders and so the work day begins!

8.45am - Phoebe cajoles the kids into the car and heads off to school. She manages to remain sane despite having two clever little boys talking to her simultaneously or squabbling in the back seats. Aaron hits the road and braves the traffic to work… lucky we’ll be moving closer to Happy HQ soon!

9.30am - Aaron arrives at the Happy Shed. Kerrie-Ann is printing off shipping labels for today’s orders, ready to pass them over to Michelle so that she and the multi-talented Maureen can pick and pack orders ready to be shipped off to our amazing customers. Jen (our resident beauty expert) is already at her desk enjoying fielding customers’ questions and doling out invaluable advice and personalised skincare prescriptions.

10.00am – A woman of many hats, Phoebe swaps her mummy cap for her broad-brimmed business hat and launches into an email frenzy. Monday morning inboxes are pretty hectic! …but not before making Dave a coffee ;) we think he needs two shots!

11.00am – Teaser alert! Aaron’s at his computer with brow furrowed as he nuts out the formula for our latest product. That’s all we can tell you for now but it might be ready for testing very soon….

12pm – Time for lunch and chit-chat! There aren’t many quiet moments in the office, we’re always bouncing ideas off each other, or enjoying the show while Dave and Aaron belt out a tune.

1pm – With all the emails read and responded to we’re ready to jump into a brainstorming session. (We’re always looking for ways to make your experience with us happier!). Perhaps we’ll plan an exciting new promotion or overhaul our Happy help desk with some super-helpful new FAQs. There’s always something fun to work on.

1.30pm – Mavericks Michelle and Maureen have finished picking and packing orders, ready for the postman to arrive. Now it’s time to get stuck into helping Dave with some batch coding and labelling.

2pm - Aaron dons his white coat (Think “Doc” Brown from back to the Future!) to head into the lab and check on his time machine… we mean... to see if his latest skincare invention is a winner.

3pm - Aaron emerges, triumphant! There are smiles and high fives from the team and we all dance into the lab to see for ourselves the magic formula. Having witnessed Aaron’s fabulous new creation, it’s time to look forward and plan what’s coming up for the next day/week/month/eon and make sure we’re on top of all of our stock levels. If we run out of any ingredients we could be out of stock of a product for weeks. Big frowns all round!

4.15pm – Time to quickly jump into Slack and chat to our Marketing and PR manager Kristina about any fun campaigns we’re working on, any great ideas to help spread the Happy love all around the world and (the fun part!) what giveaways are coming up next! So much goodness in the works *wink*.

4.30pm – Phoebe heads off to collect the boys from school, who will most likely sit in the backseat declaring a state of complete starvation. Once through the front door she’ll set about making them a delish dinner (probably still wearing her coat) and feed her fur baby (Rusty the Cavoodle).

5pm – Talking of coats, Aaron leaves his behind and heads to the gym for some thinking time (or maybe to avoid the feeding frenzy at home! He wouldn’t?).

7.15pm– After the usual banter and delaying tactics, the kids are tucked into bed and a kind of sweet serenity fills the air.

7.30pm– Phoebe and Aaron enjoy a quiet dinner over a glass of red and catch up on the day’s events.

8pm - Phoebe heads into the study to catch up on what’s been happening on social media and respond to any comments or messages while super-hubby Aaron cleans up the kitchen.

8.30pm – This is the time where we might do a cheeky little website upgrade. We are a bit obsessed with perfecting it!

9.30pm - Phoebe reaches for the computer’s “Shut down”. Aaron and Phoebe aren't too far off shutting down themselves! They head for the couch. Time to reeeelax and eat chocolate (unless the kids have found their stash and polished it off).

10.30pm - Zzzzzzzz (Dreaming of the next Happy invention)