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It’s easy to become bamboozled about which products to include in your daily skincare regimen and in what order. Maybe yours currently involves a fancy 10-step routine? Or maybe you’re more of a wash, rinse, repeat kinda’ person? The truth is that each skincare routine is as unique and individual as the person following it.

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We love hearing about our customers’ skincare journeys, but sometimes the stories from our colleagues pass us by. Today, we’re happy to share one with you. Meet Chrissy, our social media specialist.

One of our most commonly asked questions EVER is...“How much deodorant should I *actually* be using?” 🤔 All you need is a teensy-weensy smidgen of our Deodorant Paste, no bigger than a humble pea, or for our Deodorant Sticks, a swift “one-two-three” swipe per arm.

So ... you like the idea of a natural deodorant that’s free from toxins, but the thought of applying a paste to your pits kinda creeps you out? We hear ya. 

We are smack bang in the middle of summer – aka sandal and thong season (for our USA friends thongs = flip flops). There’s a certain freedom that comes with being barefoot or wearing minimal footwear even if it has its perils. The dreaded sandal blowout… Doing the funky chicken […]

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If you’re a first time Woohoo-her or perhaps still sitting on the fence about making the switch to natural deodorant, then get comfy. Today we’re going to school you on how natural deo works and why your pits will LOVE it. Class is in session!

Ever tried a natural deodorant only to discover that you still smell like a teenage boy's gym locker (no offence, fellas!)? We have the solution for your pungent predicament: meet the Armpit Detox Mask! A mega-magnet that helps bid adieu to the build-up of unwanted product from your pits (primarily aluminium salts).
Our high-active, vegan, cruelty free, clean skincare range has been 13 years in the making, and over that time we’ve learned what really works when it comes to caring for challenging skin.

To stop the sweat and control body odour, many people reach for a traditional deodorant or antiperspirant - without really thinking about the ingredients they’re putting on their skin. But here At Woohoo, we think A LOT, particularly when it comes to what ingredients are in and what ingredients are out of our natural deodorant formulas.

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Yes, it *is* true - there are both synthetic and natural ingredients in your moisturiser and other skincare products that you might need to avoid while you are pregnant. The confusing thing is that it’s not black and white, and a lot of the data out there is based on EATING ingredients, not applying them to your skin.
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