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Dealing with thigh-rubbing, boob-sweating, blistering-feet misery? Sounds like you might have a case of chafing. Which is basically when your skin and sweat team up to create an itchy, red rash that's about as fun as wearing thick wool undies on a hot day. Ouch! 
  • 3 min read

There's no denying the sheer bliss of a hot shower on a frosty winter's day. But wait! Before you crank up that hot water knob, there's something you need to know. Those scalding hot droplets could be having a significant impact on your hair (and your scalp!).

  • 2 min read

Even though Woohoo is well-known for our award-winning natural deodorant, did you know we're also master mixologists when it comes to highly effective, clean & natural body care? Let's turn back the clock a bit…

We totally get that sometimes you just want to snap your fingers and make blemishes and acne. Unfortunately, we can't do that (yet), but rather than using old-fashioned methods which simply dry out your skin, try this natural acne routine that will work wonders to reduce the appearance of your blemishes, stat.
There’s no making friends with a pimple that pulsates while you sleep, throbs when you smile, then disappears three months later, leaving behind a red or brown mark that takes forever to fade. They're deeper, meaner, and a real challenge to evict. Use these tips to help show cystic acne the ex-zit door.
The team at Woohoo HQ has carefully curated this A to Z guide on acne causes, prevention, and treatment options. Not to mention the crème de la crème of natural skincare products, lifestyle adjustments, and vital ingredients to make your skin feel loved and cherished.

Here’s a mind-blowing revelation: hidden on the seemingly ordinary surface of your armpits, there's a whole world of microscopic magnificence going on! That's right – your armpits are home to an ecosystem called the armpit microbiome – a teensy tiny dance party packed with billions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria.

You've probably caught wind of the fabulous world of fermented foods (hey there kombucha, kimchi, and kefir!). But this ancient food-preservation method is not just a treat for your tummy - it’s a bonus for your skin, too! Say goodbye to dryness & irritation and hello to a happy, balanced complexion.

  • 5 min read
Here at Woohoo, we treat every day like it's Earth Day. We're passionate about creating fabulously effective products that make you feel amazing, without compromising our precious planet. And we’ve been busy bees on our eco-friendly mission! 🐝Today we’re spilling the beans on our planet-saving initiatives.
Meet Alkina Edwards fromAlkinas Creations, a talented First Nations artist living on Yorta Yorta Country and the creative genius behind our NEW eco-friendly tote bags! Below, Alkina chats about her career, creativity, culture and how we can show our support for Indigenous Australian artists.
  • 3 min read

If you start noticing that you're shedding significantly more than that or your hair isn't growing back, well, that's when things start to get a little...hairy (sorry, we couldn't resist!). Hair loss can be caused by so many different things that it can be tough to figure out what's causing your locks to take a hike.

  • 10 min read