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How to improve your smell in 20 minutes

  • 2 min read

How to improve your smell in 20 minutes

Ever wondered how to improve your smell?

Well, there’s something really easy you can do to make a huge difference. And it’ doesn’t have anything to do with perfume or deodorant.

What the!?

Yes, we know it sounds a little strange but if you’ve ever asked yourself “why doesn’t this deodorant work for me?” then this is for you.

We’ve been so (so, so, so!) proud that Woohoo is the deodorant answer for many people but we don’t have a perfect record. No deodorant does.

Because you have to have a look at what’s going on inside your body to get the full picture.

Diet, smoking, excessive drinking, hormones, stress, not washing regularly or not drying properly after a shower, poor digestion, your genes (thanks Mum and Dad) and mineral deficiency all change your smell.

And there’s a simple way to give your bod a little help. All you need to do is take a bath.

Time for a soak in a clay and magnesium bath

We’re not talking about an ordinary bath. To improve your smell you need to have a special, muddy mineral bath.

By bathing in clay and magnesium you’re helping your body to detox.

The clay binds to toxins and heavy metals dispelled through your skin, and this lightens the load on your liver.

You’ll also give your body some essential minerals through adsorption. We all need a little more magnesium, and it has been shown that boosting magnesium levels helps with body odour.

Who knew that simply taking a bath without soap could help your smell better? So if you’ve tried everything else it’s worth a shot.

It’s really easy. All you need to do is make up a paste of:

  • ½ cup of bentonite clay
  • ½ cup of magnesium chloride flakes or Epsom salts.
  • ½ cup water

Mix your paste till it’s smooth, add it to your bath, close your eyes, and soak away for 15-20 minutes. You’ll probably want to rinse off in the shower afterwards, and make sure you moisturise really well.

Keep at it at least once a week. It can be a bit messy but the benefits are well worth wiping out the tub!

P.S. If you’re finding it hard to find magnesium chloride and bentonite clay please let us know. We might be able to do a product that makes it easy :)

P.P.S. We want to hear if this helps you too, so please leave us a comment below.