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Adult acne, hormonal breakouts and pimples – they’re way more common than you think (especially with the gals)! The biggest culprit is… HORMONES! But there are some other causes of adult acne and pimples too...

The downside of shaving can be the razor bumps and acne that ensue after the job is done. Not only can they magically appear after you’ve shaved, but can become painful when new hair begins to grow in.

Lumps, bumps and pimples under your beard can be a real pain, particularly if it turns into acne. Luckily, there are easy ways to treat and beat beard-related breakouts.

We sit on the fence about this topic. On the one hand, we want you to always feel beautiful in your own skin, embracing your imperfections, perceived flaws and beyond. At the same time, we get countless emails from beautiful people all over the world asking for assistance with reducing acne scars, stretch mark scars, surgery-induced scars and more. So we're here to help!

Are you a mum of someone that falls into this all-important age group? Maybe your youngster is starting to experience the “joys” of oiliness and pimples? Getting an easy, healthy skincare regime down pat is paramount and can start teaching some great habits nice and early.

Let’s face it, no one likes pimples; they’re like the gatecrashers of a great party, so the quicker you can get rid of them the happier you’ll be.  Whether you’re 14 or 42, fluctuating hormones can cause an acne attack, but when breakouts occur in adults – specifically females – it’s referred to as ‘hormonal acne’.

Adult acne, breakouts and pimples – they’re way more common than you think! It may feel like you’re all alone in your battle but there are many people out there working towards clear skin even though their year 12 high school jumper has a number from the 90’s.

It’s funny how things can happen in 3’s. Last week we were asked 3 times for some advice about the same thing – teenage skin care. All were completely independent of each other so maybe it was just one of those coincidences. Or maybe (without sounding too woo-woo) it was […]

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Redheads have a reputation for having a bad temper but we can confirm that it’s a myth. They are extremely good looking, humorous, lovable characters (if you have seen Aaron you will know this is a biased opinion from a bona fide Ginger). Redheads are wonderful. UNLESS, that is, the […]

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