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Easy ways to treat shave-related acne and blemishes

The downside of shaving can be the razor bumps and acne that ensue after the job is done.

Not only can they magically appear after you’ve shaved, but can become painful when new hair begins to grow in.

These blemishes mostly occur from poor hygiene, a poor shave and products that are condensed with synthetics and irritating ingredients.

Clogged pores are also a killer. During the day, your facial hair and skin will collect dust, dirt and bacteria that can result in angry-as-hell pimples, if you don’t clean and cleanse your face regularly.


Let’s talk acne first.The two easily recognisable male acne forms are whiteheads and blackheads. They form when your sebum (oil made by your skin) gets trapped in your pores. For whiteheads, the sebum is trapped under the skin, but the blackheads are exposed (which is why they turn black).

Usually acne like this can be helped by following a skincare routine (at least cleansing and moisturising) with products that suit your skin type.

Razor bumps on the other hand are bumps that you can get when you’re getting a poor shave or using the wrong products. This creates sometimes a whole jaw of red, angry-looking bumps on your skin.

Pimples become inflamed, and can tend to look like razor bumps. If you can’t tell what’s what, put the razor down for a few days and if bumps and blemishes continues to appear, your problem is the acne. If the problem goes away, it is likely you are suffering from razor bumps.


There are a few tricks you can use to help get rid of those razor bumps.

1. Natural Antiseptic

Using a natural antiseptic like Apple Cider Vinegar, will prevent infection and it’s also anti-inflammatory so it’ll will relieve common itchiness post shave. Dab your skin with the Apple Cider Vinegar, before letting it dry and then washing away with water will reduce inflammation.

2. Cold Compresses

Just like with sore muscles after a workout, for instant relief to sensitive skin, cold compresses or application of ice on the area can help. The cold compress can help with relief from itchiness burning sensations, and helps to reduce the swelling as skin cells contract.

3. Natural and Soothing Skincare

Products from your local supermarket or pharmacy are often heavy in synthetic ingredients and are too abrasive for sensitive skin (or lead to the dreaded clogged pores...).

Go back to basics: a simple shave cream or gel, natural aftershave and some plant-based moisturiser can solve all of these problems and then some to keep your skin hydrated through the seasons and post shave.