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No-brainer ways to treat beard-related acne

No-brainer ways to treat beard-related acne

Lumps, bumps and pimples under your beard can be a real pain, particularly if it turns into acne. Luckily, there are easy ways to treat and beat beard-related breakouts.

What’s causing your beard bothers?

Dudes sporting a quality beard will often notice the odd itch, pimples or rash, in most cases, this can be easily fixed with a good (dare we say it) exfoliation session.

Yet in some instances the cause could be a bacteria infection. In which case the skin might become red and inflamed and require something more medical.

Like most things, prevention is the best cure, so take the time to clue up on a few simple methods to keep your beard in top shelf condition and bacteria free!

Banish bacteria

Beards might look good, but they can also contain more bacteria than a petri dish. No kidding! Just think, trapped food, dirt transferred from your hands to your beard, dead skin cells—not to mention snot from your runny nose. Hey, just telling you how it is.

These facts, aside from being gross, make it super important for bearded gents to wash their beards well and regularly.

Use a soap-free, ideally natural, cleanser or a specific beard wash that won’t dry or irritate the skin. Make sure you work right into the beard to zap any bacteria or dirt lurking in the hairy depths.

Good grooming

While beards can come in all shapes and sizes, the best are those that are trimmed and well cared for. Treat it like Mister Miagi treats his bonzai.

Denying your beard the grooming it deserves means that everyday dirt and debris can get trapped in those burly hairs, causing a multitude of unwanted skin problems – including acne.

This is whereHESO’s moisturiser comes in. It not only tames, smoothes and softens the hairs to keep your beard looking slick, it moisturises the skin under your beard. This can prevent the skin from drying out and becoming flaky (the only white flakes in your beard should be from a lamington).

Stop shaving against the grain

Unless you're angling for the ‘dirty late night drunk’ look, the chances are your beard will require some sculpting (let’s hope so!).

Whatever you do, always go ‘with the grain’ - not against it. If you don’t you’ll likely end up with cuts to your face and coarse hairs. It’s easy for sweat and grime to become trapped under coarse hairs. Add a bit of sweat to the mix and you have yourself a bacteria infection.

Signs on an infection might include itchy skin and pimples, some of which might be pus-filled (yep, sounds delightful!).

Oh, and while it might seem like captain obvious talking but don’t ever share your shaver. Just no!

Chop it Eddie!

If beard-related acne and skin irritation becomes amajor concern, you might want to consider ditching the beard all together. We know, it sounds drastic, but you can always grow it back at a later date - once your skin has healed.

For the perfect shave, apply a dollop ofHESO Shave Cream to a cleansed and slightly damp face and neck. Shave cream will soften skin and ensure a closer shave and less, ideally zero, nicks.

Pop a hot towel (but not burning hot) before and after you shave to soften you skin and save your face, and it because it just feels good.

Spray or splash someHESO Aftershave. Aftershave restores balance to the skin and closes the pores, helping to keep bacteria out and acne at bay. By the way it should not sting and make your eyes open wider than 2 desert bowls.