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The time has come, Happy friends, to let you in on what we've been working on in the lab for the past couple of months!

In between renovating the new Happy Shed (yup, we're moving in September!) and making all of your long-time favourites and can't-live-withouts, our talented formulator Aaron has created the moisturiser of many of your dreams.

It's a protective night-time moisturiser which is richer than the Over the Moon Rich Repair Cream and promises to be incredibly restorative, doing its work as you slumber.

How does that sound? Like music to your ears, we hope!!!

But our new formula still has some big question marks (think scent, packaging, star ingredients!), and we were wondering if you'd be willing to lend your brainpower to the greater good and help us design the next Happy skincare product?

Ready to create?

If you are keen to help out please click the big button below to help us create the most luscious night cream possible. Just think - 5 minutes now could mean years of skin bliss ;)

Need an extra incentive? We're going to choose 1 lucky respondent to receive a $50 Woohoo Skincare gift card. Please send in your response before midnight Friday 23rd August 2019 to be in the running :)