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It’s time to be kind to yourself

It was International Happiness Day was on Friday so we thought it is perfect timing to share some ways to be kind to yourself.

And not just to make you happier – believe it or not, a happier you will also mean better skin too!

“Women are so unforgiving of themselves. We don’t recognize our own beauty because we’re too busy comparing ourselves to other people.” – Kelly Osbourne

Have you ever compared yourself to others?

I’ve caught myself doing this. It’s so easy to do, just head to Instagram. There you will find plenty of (seemingly) perfect people, in perfect places, with perfect lives.

We’re not getting down on Instagram at all (actually we love it!), but wishing to look, be, or have like others is the easiest way to feel down on yourself. It can be hard to remember that it’s just a photo. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of hard work went into to capturing that split second of perfection so that it could be shared with the world on social media.

If you’re falling into this trap and continually comparing yourself to others, you are opening yourself up to more stress, depression, anxiety and self-defeating behaviour. And your skin will show every bit of it.

Last week we talked about the gut/skin connection for fabulous skin but there is a third player. There is actually a gut/skin/mind connection.

The health of your skin is linked to the health of your mind.

In Vedic science, there is an intimate connection between our emotions, our liver and our skin. Your skin is a window to your soul and inner emotions. You can often tell when someone is on an emotional high or has just fallen in love – they look radiant, and can even seem to glow.

Being happy is awesome medicine for your skin, so it’s time to be kind to yourself!

Here are some ideas for topping up your happiness levels …

Humanise instead of idolise

The perfect photo of the perfect person in the perfect place in reality is not that perfect.

The person in that perfect photo could have deadlines, relationship woes, family stresses and health concerns which are not shown or known. Looking at them with a more human perspective you realise that they have their own life challenges and they need to eat, sleep and go the bathroom like the rest of us.

It’s ok to dream and sometimes want a slice of paradise. But beating yourself up because you aren’t as good as somebody else is unhealthy because chances are they might be envious of you!

Invest in experiences rather than buying things

The romantic Italian Honeymoon or skydiving on your 21stth birthday are the memories that you will always remember and the stories you love to tell. You don’t hear many emotion-filled stories about big screen TVs or designer cushions. So go create yourself some amazing memories with your loved ones


The boffins have proven that exercise makes us happier and lowers your chance of depression. You can use this as another argument for the ‘affirmative’ next time you are lying in bed debating with yourself whether or not you should get up and go for that walk/run/ride.

When have you ever finished an exercise session and thought “gee, I wish I didn’t do that”?


Once upon a time we thought that meditation was just something hippies and monks did. But now meditation is following yoga into the mainstream. Pro athletes, businesses and stay at home mums are discovering the benefits of meditation and calming your mind.

Meditation decreases stress, anxiety and depression an increases positive emotions. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t let the fear of the new and unknown stop you. If you have a smartphone try searching for free meditation apps. There are tonnes! If you’re not a smartphone owner, try google.

Find Your Flow

Do you have a challenging hobby or pastime that you truly love? The one where you get so immersed in it that you lose track of time?

If you stopped for whatever reason, start it again. If you haven’t stopped, do it more. Because losing yourself in these kinds of hobbies has been shown to increase your happiness.

If you are not doing any of these happiness-making things yet, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’re unhappy. Likewise, doing all of them starting Monday won’t make you happier than a pig in mud overnight.

If you can see one idea that fits into your life, start there. It may only increase your happiness factor by 10% but that is enough to make a difference.

Remember, happiness isn’t a finite resource that you only have so much of. And it’s contagious. So let’s spread it around and make the people around us happy too!

Try saying something really nice to someone you love and watch their face (skin) light up.

Even better, watch this video and let this 8 month old give you better skin