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Eating fermented food for clearer skin + It’s competition time

In November last year we wrote about the how health of your gut could be affecting your skin. And we like to practice what we preach. So since then we have been trying to eat more fermented foods to see if we could notice any difference.

There is plenty of research linking gut and skin health especially for those who suffer acne, rosacea and eczema so it was worth giving fermented foods a go instead of reaching for the Inner Health Plus.

It has been a lot of fun dabbling in the art of fermentation. We have a love/hate relationship with sourdough starter (Phoebe’s still determined to get it right!!) but our fermented beetroot was the goods. Fermenting veggies is easy but a slow process so it does require a little patience and planning.

The quickest and easiest way that we have found to eat more fermented foods was to start drinking Kefir. It only takes 24 hours to make and it tastes like natural yoghurt (just a tad more sour).

Kefir is full to brim with probiotics, beneficial yeasts and Vitamin K2 making it super-duper healthy. It can also be made with water or coconut milk for those who can’t eat dairy.

We have not had any profound ‘A Current Affair’ worthy results like losing 15kg in 3 days or curing chronic acne overnight but we have noticed some subtle changes for the better.

The biggest difference we have noticed is Phoebe’s skin (usually prone to breakouts) is the clearest it has been in years and both of us just feel lighter in the gut. You do actually feel like your body isn’t working as hard to digest food, which gives you more energy (handy when you’ve got young’uns running around and you’re trying to run a business too!).

Next on the fermented wish list if turmeric ginger beer

Time is running out to get a free body oil

This last few weeks have zoomed by and our ‘Blissed Out’ Body Oil special offer is almost done and dusted. We have been flat out getting bottles of this delicious body oil sent to the early birds who snapped them up quickly.

But there is still time to join the party. You too can receive a free ‘Blissed Out’ with your order over $50, as long as you get your order in before 8am Tuesday (17/2/2015).

Mmmm tropical island bliss in a bottle…

It’s competition time – Happy gift vouchers and recipe books up for grabs!

All this talk about healthy food for clear skin has given us a brilliant idea. Lee Holmes (the best-selling author of ‘Supercharged Food’ and ‘Heal Your Gut’) has kindly given us two e-copies of her new book ‘Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian’.

supercharged food eat clean green and vegetarianAnd we are going to give them away with some Woohoo Skincare goodies as well. Yahoo!

There will be a few prizes up for grabs

  • 2 major prizes of Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian + $50 Woohoo Skincare gift voucher
  • 4 runners up prizes of a $20 Woohoo Skincare gift voucher

How to Enter

“How do I enter!?” we hear you ask. There are a couple of ways, and it’s all about public display of affection (c’mon, we know you love us! And we rely on word of mouth from lovely people like you to help spread the word about our hard work).

  1. First, tell us about your fave product. Feel free to get creative, but it could be something like this (fill in the blanks):

“My all-time favourite Woohoo Skincare product is

  1. Now, share your answer with us 1 of 3 ways:
  • Post your answer on Instagram tagging us @happyskincare (we’d love to see a selfie with your favourite product!), OR
  • Share it as a review on our website for your favourite product, OR
  • Post it on our Facebook page

There are a couple of terms and conditions: Our winners will be randomly selected. Entries close midnight 3/4/2015 and we’ll announce the winners in our email newsletter on 5/4/2015. Your brilliant entries may be shared on our website, Facebook and Instagram to help us promote Woohoo Skincare. 1 entry per person.

Good luck!! Can’t wait to read your entry.