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What is Diatomaceous Earth? (and why do we need it in natural deodorant?)

What is Diatomaceous Earth? (and why do we need it in natural deodorant?)

Diatomaceous earth, or DE, say whaaaaat? Sounds like something from prehistoric ages! And it kind of is.

Let us explain.

The Science Lesson

In short, it’s a naturally occurring, soft, and super fine plant and algae fossil. It’s usually crushed into a fine white powder, and can have a similar feeling to pumice.

Diatomaceous earth is popular in natural deodorants, as it works as an odour blocker and eliminator, protecting against body odour even if you have very sensitive skin.

Diatomaceous earth is composed mostly of silica, which is a highly absorbent material that takes away bad smells. Silica has many health benefits to soothing skin conditions like acne and eczema as well as increasing calcium deposits in our bones and boosting hair growth. DE is also completely pH neutral and toxin free. Bonus!

Where can I use DE?

DE can be a superhero around your home if you use it in the right way.

It can be added to toothpaste to remineralise your teeth and remove stains, as opposed to using toothpaste that contain glycerin which can give your teeth a coating that hinders remineralisation.

You can make an awesome at home face mask with DE too as it contains many minerals that will help benefit your skin and complement a mineral-rich diet.

Add DE to grains and legumes such as wheat, maize, beans and barley to prevent spoilage. It keeps food dry, prevents mould and protects against insects (yes, it is edible if you get food grade DE!).

While protecting your food against insects and pests, DE can also be used as a natural pest control in your garden. But, make sure to keep in mind that many insects are beneficial to your plants and don’t cause any harm.

Make sure you use DE responsibly as it is an abrasive material, and overuse and inhalation could have adverse effects.

DE in Woohoo Wild

Betcha didn’t know you could use DE in natural deo! Our Wild Deodorant Paste is our only deodorant containing diatomaceous earth. This gives Woohoo Wild an extra oomph to be taken off road and on wild adventures, where you can get your most sweatiest!

Three cheers or Diatomaceous Earth! Hip hip, hoooooray!