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Beauty by numbers (a guide to skincare based on your age)

Beauty by numbers (a guide to skincare based on your age)

The key to fabulous and flawless skin isn’t a fancy arsenal of pricey products. It’s knowing what your skin needs at every age.

We’ll be the first to point out that everyone is different, and that 2 people born on the exact same day might have completely different skincare needs.

BUT - for *most* people as you get older, your skin will start to lose moisture and firmness. And almost everyone we meet who has a wrinkle thinks of it as their enemy. Something they need to fight with “anti-ageing” products.

Please never forget that you’re beautiful just the way you are. We’re here to help you get the skin that you want, but let’s not make it a “fight” against ageing. Let’s be pro-ageing.

Lines are wrinkles are inevitable. And beautiful. Wear them with self love and acceptance, and please be happy with who you are.

However, dry skin and sun damage are a different kettle of fish. So let’s focus on using gentle products that help your skin recover from daily oxidative damage and nurture it as it protects you through the years to come.

Here's a little piccie showing a comparison of younger skin vs older skin, to give you an idea of the changes that will happen as you grow wiser. It shows us that collagen and elastin start to break down which means your skin isn't as firm as it once was. Only genetics can stop this from happening, unfortunately!

Younger vs older skin comparison

Righto! Why not come with us as we have a foray through the ages? :)

Skincare in your 20s…

Partying, finding a great guy and binge-watching the best of Netflix might be higher up your agenda than sticking to a perfect skin regimen, but who doesn’t want selfie-ready skin?

When you’re in your 20s daily cleansing is a no brainer (as is NOT going to bed with your makeup on!). But forget harsh cleansers that can strip delicate skin; a gentle, yet clever, cleansing product will ditch the dirt and help combat and prevent breakouts. Hurrah!

Take ourChirpy Charcoal Cleansing Gel;not only is it suitable for all skin types, it contains bamboo charcoal for reeeally clean pores and bromelain-packed pineapple for natural exfoliation (so long, dead skin cells).

Now’s the time to future proof your skin with a ‘tailored’ toner (like ourTickled Pink Perfecting Tonic) and an extra slather ofgood moisturiser (not the cheapest one you can find on the supermarket shelf). You might want to try thePerfectly Happy Light Anti-Oxidant Cream.

Seriously, take a few simple steps now and your skin will thank you. Don’t just take our word for it; the camera never lies so go grab your selfie stick.

Skincare in your 30s…

Did you know that every minute your skin sheds more than 30,000 dead skin cells? Plus, there’s more than 1,000 different types of bacteria living on your skin? If that doesn’t make you want to give your face a good cleanse, nothing will!

But wait, before you go strip away every last bit of moisture remember than when we hit our 30s our skin becomes drier - hence the fine lines that are starting to appear.

Now’s the time to find a non-drying cleanser that’s ridonkulously right for your skin type and, most importantly, works! We can’t go past ourCloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm.It’s soap free, so it won’t further dry your skin, 100% natural and it’s double duty. Yup, it cleanses and moisturises at the same time. How convenient is that?

For most of us, 30s skincare is about stepping up the ante when it comes to moisturising. If this is you, swap out your light moisturiser for a slightly richer cream or oil that will deliver heaps of moisture as well as help deal with the day-to-day stress that your skin is exposed to. OurOver the Moon Rich Repair Cream is hugely hydrating but won't leave your skin feeling like an oil slick.

The real key to skin in your 30s is overall health. Keep well hydrated and eat a healthy diet that’s rich in nutrients and packed full of green goodness. Hold off on the sugar but don’t hold back when it comes to sunscreen. Sun protection is a must if you want to do your best to minimise premature wrinkles and hyperpigmentation in years to come.

Skincare in your 40s…

We can pretend it’s not true but expression lines (let’s not call them wrinkles quite yet!), enlarged pores, loss of elasticity and increased dryness are inevitable.

Forget foaming cleansers, which can further dehydrate your skin and exacerbate signs of ageing; instead try a cleansing oil or balm. Using ourCloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balmis like giving your skin a great big hug. It dissolves impurities but also softens and comforts your skin.

Don’t ignore those laughter lines (as cute as they are) or dark eye circles. An eye serum (like ourHappily Ever After Vitamin C Eye serum) helps to brighten your eye area, reduce puffiness and fades sun spots.

Behind every great man is an awesome woman and behind every great 40-year-old face is a fantastic moisturiser. Choose one with pro-ageing benefits, like ourOver theMoon Rich Repair Cream.This has the added benefit of vitamins B3 and E to address pigmentation and repair and recharge skin tone.

Oh, and if you’ve been a bit slapdash when it comes to sunscreen, now’s the time to right your wrongs - unless of course you’re fine about waking up with a splattering of sunspots. I thought not!

Skincare in your 50s and beyond…

Fifty IS the new forty, but that doesn’t mean you get to relax your skincare regime.

Hydration really is your hero; it plumps your skin and minimises the appearance of your wrinkles. Ditch soaps and reduce the temperature of your water. Your focus should be on preserving the already low levels of moisture in your skin.

Make good use of pro-ageing serums (we’ve got one on the way!) or hydrating oils (try ourGood Vibes Omega Facial Oil) underneath your moisturiser to help seal in moisture for added softness and skin comfort.

It’s highly likely that the effects of sun exposure will be starting to show now. Look for ingredients that stimulate cell turnover and brighten your skin. OurLaugh Out Loud Active Jojoba Oilhas pro-ageing goodness as well as co-enzyme Q10, which boosts collagen productionand helps repair UV damage.

(Whichever Happy facial oil you choose, you can’t go wrong!)

Don’t forget - age is but a number.

Please take a second to remember that you are beautiful just the way you are, no matter your age, and no matter how many lines your face may have.

The true key to looking and feeling AMAZING is health and happiness. Take good care of your skin, eat mindfully and do the things you love.