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Why do I sweat so much?

  • 3 min read

Ever feel like you're basically swimming your way through your vinyasa? Or sticky thighs and pit stains are your everyday norm?

Just like our body shapes, sweat is different for everyone.

Some people are more prone to stress sweating or workout induced sweating. In these situations, sweat is your body’s reaction to cool you down and prevent overheating as well as expelling toxins – not necessarily a negative.

But, how do you know when sweating is more than a healthy process and has become a problem?

Don’t fear, there are many solutions to prevent entering Sweatsville 24/7! Read on...

See a professional.

Yerp… it’s true. Excessive sweating (or else diagnosed as ‘hyperhidrosis’) becomes a problem when people with the condition sweat so much that it interferes with their normal routine.

People with hyperhidrosis often sweat in unusual places, such as the head, palms or soles of the feet, without sweating elsewhere. If you feel like this may be you, consult with your GP about specific courses of action. Your doctor may prescribe medication or enlist in surgery to remove or dull some of your excessive sweat-controlling nerves.

Even if you do have to head down the GP route, Woohoo can be a big help for you. It won’t be able to stop your sweating but it will keep odour under control.

You are what you eat.

This is SERIOUSLY true people! Your diet doesn’t only matter for your skin, energy levels and physique but it also matters in terms of how much body odour and sweat you produce.

Excessive amounts of processed foods, spicy food, alcohol, caffeine and foods high in sodium, could be the reasons why you sweat more than a teenager at a One Direction concert.

These foods and drinks are stimulants and take your body more energy and time to break down, and are often excreted through your sweat glands. Eating foods that are not only good for your physique but are good for your skin will limit your spurts of excess sweating.

Detox your skin & pits.

We all know, skincare is essential for our face! So why not make sure that it’s the same for the rest of your body?

Bathing frequently, wearing breathable fabrics and detoxing from the huge amounts of toxins found in personal care and cosmetic products may do your sweat glands the world of good. Switching to an all-natural deodorant paste is also a winner-winner-vegan-chicken-dinner.


We’ve said it once (OK...many times!) before, and we’ll say it again: common antiperspirants use aluminium to ‘plug’ your sweat glands, but studies show that they’re only about 20% effective at stopping sweat. Even the clinical strength ones.

Our natural deodorant pastes only focus on stopping the pong and don’t change your body’s normal function of sweating, making them a healthier and better choice to avoid clogging pores with potential toxins. We’ve heard so many stories from Woohoo fans telling us that they actually seem to sweat LESS when they wear Woohoo.

Case in point: Switching to a natural deodorant, may be the right way to combat and reduce your excessive sweating.

Pst. Don’t forget, sweating is an entirely normal process and allows for your body to keep healthy and regulated. But do seek professional help if you are exceptionally worried about your specific condition.