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Top Tips for Being Active and Having Good Skin

Has anyone else been noticing the personal training groups out in force in our parks and beaches? It’s fantastic to see so many out there getting fit now that the weather is warming up.

Exercise is wonderful for a great complexion because it increases circulation for glowing skin, and sweating is a great way to detox. But there are a few downsides which can put us off like beetroot faces (not the best look in the office after your morning training session) and breakouts being caused by old sweat.

By no means is this a complete list but here are our top tips to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy while you’re out having fun in the sun or just when it’s plain hot.

1. Start and End Fresh

Start the day on the right foot by cleansing your face. But if you have hit the gym in morning and you’re in a rush then having some good facial wipes on hand will allow you skip a proper cleanser and still effectively clear away most of the sweat and grime, stopping it from oxidising and clogging your pores. At night cleanse away the day of makeup, sunscreen and sweaty grime to keep your complexion lovely and clear.

Our personal favourites: Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm and WOTNOT Organic Facial Wipes

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2. Keep cool and hydrated

Apart from obviously drinking plenty of water, spritzing with a hydrating tonic during the day can keep you skin cool and refreshed. It will also minimise the beetroot face. A good tonic will also help set your makeup and prevent it from sliding down your face when the mercury starts to rise.

Our personal favourite: Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic

On a side note – One of my nicknames was ‘beetroot’ because I go really red after exercise and it would last for ages. One thing I have found that helps cool me down is a cool washer on the back of your neck. It cools the blood going to your face reducing the red, flushed look.

3. Breathe

Allow your skin to breathe and cool down, especially after exercise. Don’t be too quick to cover your skin in heavy moisturisers and makeup as they will keep the heat in your skin longer making you feel more flushed. Using mineral oil free products is also a good idea because mineral oil creates a non-breathable barrier on your skin’s surface.

Our personal favourite: Perfectly Happy Anti-Ageing and Repair Cream

4. Stop the chafe

If you love to get moving and suffer rubbing or chafing then consider using an anti-friction cream. Very popular amongst tri-athletes and cyclists these little wonders keep you moving without the fear of red sore skin from rubbing.

Our personal favourite: Woohoo Anti Friction Cream.


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