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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! We’re the best skincare brand :)

We were dancing the Happy Dance in the office this week! That’s because we won two beauty awards and to say we were ecstatic would be a gross understatement.

Woohoo Skincare won the Best Skincare Brand, the Best Online Store and runner up in the Best Overall Brand in the inaugural Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily natural beauty awards. Not too shabby we thinks.

They may not be the biggest beauty awards going around but we are still chuffed because of the calibre of brands that we were up against. Great brands like Moogoo, Kora, Sukin, Trilogy and Nourished Life.
Just like any Oscar winner we couldn’t have done it alone. If you voted for us we are eternally grateful. We loved beating the bigger brands like Sukin and Kora.

Our good friends from Adorn Cosmetics also did really well with runners up honours in Favourite Cosmetics Brand and Favourite Cosmetics Product (Adorn Mineral Liquid Foundation).

We would love to enter more awards but we don’t know about many. If you come across someone (maybe a magazine or website) calling for beauty award nominations please let us know and we’ll have another crack against the big guys!

Regular deliveries just got better

We are always working on ways to make regular deliveries as flexible and easy as possible. Phoebe has been hard at work adding a new feature and it is now ready.

You can now reschedule your future deliveries and choose a specific date for your next order!

Maybe you have a 3 monthly delivery but you’ve just run out of Perfectly Happy Light Anti-Oxidant Cream. No worries – just log into your account and reschedule the delivery for tomorrow

Maybe you’re going on holidays in Bora Bora (we can dream, right?) and you don’t want your upcoming delivery arriving while you’re away. No worries – just log into your account and reschedule the delivery for the day after you get back.

How wonderfully convenient

Here’s what it looks like when you’re logged into your account. All you need to do is click the ‘Change’ link under your next payment information.

Reschedule your regular deilvery

If you have had a PayPal regular delivery for a while, you’ll need to change your payment method before this option is available. You can still choose PayPal as your new payment method but you’ll be upgraded to our brand new shine PayPal gateway that allows for delivery rescheduling.

Hang on a sec … what’s a regular delivery!?

If you haven’t heard about our regular deliveries yet, it’s really easy and brilliant value.

NBMawardsWINNER_sidebarYou choose your 3 Step System then add extra products to your heart’s content. (If you’re wanting a bundle of products that isn’t available on the website, email us and let us know and we’ll put together a personalised delivery for you.)

Then choose how often you want your delivery – every 2, 3 or 4 months. Easy peasy!

Log onto the website at any time to cancel, pause, reschedule (!!) or change up your products.

You do get some extra special treatment being on a regular delivery too. Every time we launch a new product, you get that product free with your next delivery. If you’re already on a regular delivery, you can look forward to the release of a new cleansing oil and a rich repair cream soon

Click here to find out how to get an automatic delivery of your favourite products (and save a huge 33% off individual product prices).