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Pull a Funny Face for better skin (with facial yoga & facial massage)

“Touch your face” is not advice you hear very often, but we’ve found some great reasons why you should!

Facial massage, facial exercises and even facial yoga are all non-invasive ways to help your face resist the forces of gravity.

Luckily my Mum was wrong and if the wind changes while pulling a silly face it doesn’t stay like that.

The Power of Touch – Facial massage

One of the reasons you look and feel so fantastic after a facial is the massage. Facial massage is known to:

  • Stimulate your skin’s circulation and oxygenation
  • Detoxify
  • Relax your nerves and ease muscle tension
  • Hydrate your skin by bringing nutrients to the surface layer
  • Increase lymphatic flow

All of these lift, tone, smooth, calm and plump your skin. Yahoo!

Here is one of the 1000 videos on YouTube showing you how to do facial massage at home.

Here is one called the 5 Minute facelift and is based on acupressure (a gentler version of acupuncture)

There are plenty more to choose from covering a range of methods. Whatever method you choose, facial massage is a great way to enhance your Cloud 9 time.

The Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil and Laugh Out Loud Active Jojoba Oil are both fantastic oils for facial massage too.

Downward Dog for your Face – Facial Yoga

Facial Yoga is a series of exercises that strengthen your facial muscles to prevent sagging. It’s also a great way to relieve tension from your face which has a natural lifting effect. Just like traditional yoga, face yoga is a lifestyle aimed to bring some yin back to your yang through breath.

Since we exercise our body muscles why shouldn’t we exercise our facial muscles?

On the flip side, some plastic surgeons and dermatologists think that facial yoga is complete nonsense and will cause more wrinkles. We’ll leave it to you to decide, but we think the lady in the video has pretty amazing skin

Either way, to us it sounds a much better alternative to botox and other aggressive methods. If you are interested here is video of one facial yoga technique that helps reduce forehead wrinkles.