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Curly Hair Part 1 - Tips for Curly Hair Maintenance

  • 4 min read

Curly Hair Part 1 - Tips for Curly Hair Maintenance

From wondrous waves to funky spirals, curly hair is the bomb-diggity - but mastering the art of defining your curls and fending off frizz is not always the easiest task to behold.

You see, curly hair can be kinda needy (in a good way). It also likes to go rogue, thanks to its wild and free nature.

So today we’re schooling you on how to bid goodbye to an unruly bouffant and say hello to beautifully coiffed curls.

Moisture is your best mate

For those of us with curly hair, moisture really is our numero uno. Unlike straight hair, curly hair tends to be dry. 

While you might get some moisture (a.k.a. sebum, your scalp’s natural oils) at the roots, curls and coils make it difficult for that moisture to make its way to the ends of the hair. This means split and parched ends can be an everyday occurrence.

To reduce dryness, try only shampooing your scalp. This way, you get rid of product and oil build-up without stripping away too much moisture from the lengths of your hair. 

Leave-in conditioner is an ideal way to keep curls hydrated. Just make sure you choose one that’s packed with healthy ingredients that will nourish your strands without leaving a heavy silicone coating.

Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter are all magically moisturising and can help reduce daily damage and breakage.

Another awesome way to hydrate dry hair is to apply a hair mask. They’re usually best applied to damp hair (particularly the ends) once or twice a week to help strengthen and nourish your hair from root to tip.

Ditch daily shampoos

It’s time to let go of the rigorous shampoo regimen. Curly hair doesn’t need daily shampooing, as over-washing can add to dryness.

On the days that you do shampoo your hair, finish with a cold-water blast to snap your hair cuticles shut. It might not be the most enjoyable experience, but it will help lock in moisture for smooth, shiny, head-turning tresses. 

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Say no to alcohols, silicones and sulphates

Curly hair (actually, all hair, for that matter!) should avoid harsh ingredients that strip the hair and damage the cuticles. 

While sulphates are often touted for their super cleansing ability, they’re also incredibly powerful detergents – and not the good kind.

The same can be said for some silicone-based products which can wreak havoc on curly hair over time. The silicone can coat your hair and stop moisture or nutrients from entering the follicle, eventually leaving your locks overly dry. Dry, curly hair = frizzy hair. Read our silicone blog here

Some alcohols can also potentially over-strip your hair and scalp. This can cause brittle hair that breaks easily and won’t curl correctly and skin irritations. The catch is that not all alcohols are drying - there are good, fatty alcohols too that can moisturise your hair. Read our alchohols blog here to find out which ones to avoid for your hair and skin care

Sulphate-, silicone- and alcohol- free shampoos and conditioners, like ours, are super gentle on hair to prevent tresses from becoming drastically dry or frizzy.

Be tender with your tresses

When it comes to drying your hair, be gentle. You can’t just take to your tresses with any old towel and technique - the result will be one big frizzy mop.

Instead, place your towel softly over your head and pat your hair dry or gently scrunch it dry. Removing the excess moisture in this way will help avoid a curly-hair calamity.

You can also up your towel game by switching your usual towel for a cotton t-shirt or a micro-fibre towel. 

To detangle your tresses, simply use your fingers and gently work them through from the roots to the tips. Otherwise, use a wide-tooth comb. 

BUT! Be careful when brushing. Brushing dry hair will separate, fluff & frizz the curl. Brushing or combing when wet is a better option. Using the *right* brush or comb for curly hair will yield best results.

Using the wrong brush will make a catastrophe of your hair’s unique curl pattern.

Hold off on the heat

Seeing as curly hair is typically super thirsty - hair dryers, curling irons and straighteners are only going to make it even more parched. 

Where possible, hold off on the heat styling and, instead, allow your hair to dry naturally. This is the best way to create curls that are beautifully soft and bouncy.

If you do have to use styling tools, use them on their lowest heat setting and make sure you apply a heat protection product first.

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