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They Can Irritate, Frustrate and Annoy Us! But For Some Reason We Still Love ’em!

This week Woohoo Skincare has the pleasure of having Kathy H. as our Face of the Week!

Kathy wrote to us about her recent visit to Melbourne to catch up with family whom she hadn’t seen in a while. On first read it was a nice simple story but I didn’t give it the attention it deserved. I was distracted by the noise of everyday life and didn’t fully appreciate the message within Kathy’s story.

On second read I realised the mistake I had made. You see… during Kathy’s visit to her family in Melbourne she felt an instant connection with her 18 month old niece (with cheeks like hers how could you not!). Kathy had not seen her since she was born but instantly shared an unconditional love.

The simple message that families should not be taken for granted is easily forgotten. It is true that we can’t choose our family but in most instances they the people that make us the happiest.

Thanks for the reminder Kathy.

Take Care everyone

Aaron and Phoebe

P.S. I’m going to call my Mum! Who are you going to catch up with?

P.P.S if you want to be a ‘Face of the Week’ contender email us a proud achievement at contact@happyskincare.com.au and if you are selected we will send you a free jar of Woohoo Skincare Anti-Ageing and Repair Cream.