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Sometimes Even You Don’t Know What You Are Capable Of!

Hi Everyone,

This week Claire is the source for our inspirational story. Claire has a sad story which I will not go into because it is not my place. You see…Claire’s story is a perfect example of the power of unconditional (what I call ugly) love.

Claire’s situation caring for an ill sister allowed her to forget all the meaningless trivial stuff in life and focus on what was important. In Claire’s case it was family. The love she had for her sister gave her the strength to deal with life that she never knew she had. It wasn’t the pretty romantic love with roses and candles. No, it was real, every day, get your hands dirty love! Claire did it probably without even thinking twice.

There is no question of can you do it? Usually the only thing that stops you is you!

Thanks to Claire for showing us impact of ugly love. There should be more of it.

Take care,

Aaron and Phoebe