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Can You Remember Being a …. New Mum?

Sally M our Face of the Week is a Mum of only one month to beautiful Hannah. We were touched by Sally’s story because she is so happy and excited being a mum for the 1st time. This is so refreshing because people always seem to only tell you about all the negative aspects of being a parent.

Why do people relish in telling you about the sleepless nights, the smelly nappies, the lack of social life etc etc and keep all the good stories to themselves?

Sally’s letter reminded us to take special note of the good stuff because it is so easy to overlook and find yourself focusing on the things that lower your mood.

Here is Sally’s letter:

‘Life has definitely changed in the past month and I love every minute of it! My life is no longer defined by what I can get done or how well I do in my career. It now revolves around a seven pound beautiful baby girl, my one month old daughter Hannah!

Hannah was a teeny baby born, only 5 pound 9 ounces. In the first week home Hannah put on 300 grams! I love the fact that my body is providing nutrients for my baby and that she is completely dependent on my husband and I for everything!

Everyday now revolves around feeding, burping and changing our baby girl and instead of worrying things that don’t really matter. Our life is now based on moulding and nurturing the life of our baby. I am so proud to be her mummy!’

Sometimes the only difference between a bad experience and good experience is our own attitude.

Thanks Sally for sharing a positive parent story!