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The mask is finally ready, and with a few special gifts.

If you haven’t got time to watch the video don’t worry just read on to find out what the excitement is all about. Our latest creation is a 100% natural dry clay mineral mask and is one of the best ways to detox your skin and recover from breakouts or blackheads.

A massive “Thank You” to everyone who has trialed the mask for us. Your comments have been a massive help. You told us that you love the mask (in one person’s words: “this is magical”!) … (but it makes too much mess)! Well we listened and have solved the problem of making a mess in your bathroom.

No More Messy Mask!

To stop the awkward mixing and spilling which was upsetting your “me time” we have found a little stainless steel mixing bowl and mask brush to go with the mask. Watch the video to see how they make mixing and applying the mask an absolute breeze. Not only that, it feels so luxurious it’s like you’re at a day spa

You will be able to get the mask to your favourite consistency quickly, easily and without the mess so you can make the most of your “me time”.

Pig In Mud Mineral Mask with free mask brush and mixing bowl

The “Pig in Mud” Mask is only $24.75

(That’s $22.50 + $2.25 GST)

You may notice we changed the name – we thought this was much less boring! You get 40g which will last around 2 months with regular use.

Plus you will get two free gifts (valued at $23.10)

You will receive the stainless steel mixing bowl (RRP $9.90) and Mask Brush (RRP $13.20) as a special gift from us for being a part of our launch.

As much as we don’t like to say this, please do get in quick because we only have limited numbers of the mixing bowls and brushes.

Free gift offer ends midnight 1 April 2013 – but you can still purchase the mask brush and bowl for only $5.50 each when purchasing the Pig In Mud Mineral Mask.

Ready to order?

Click here to purchase from our online store or call us on (02) 4957 5774.

Still making up your mind? Here are some comments that might help

“Immediately my skin felt incredibly clean and fresh. It seemed to me the pores on my nose and chin had been unplugged and the oiliness significantly reduced. Around 90% of blackheads on my nose had been cleared away and the pores did look smaller which really impressed me.”
“I found the Mask to make my Skin Incredibly Soft and After Using the Mask I Have not had any Pimple Breakout’s Since I would Definitely Recommend the Mask to Anyone.”
Stephanie Veljanovski, MERNDA VIC
“My Sons face cleared up really fast, faster than others. Being 15 years old, i didn’t think he would use it, he said it was so easy to use. It reduces the redness and dries the pimples . We were so shocked, would recommend this product !!!!”
Julie-ann Reed, CRESTMEAD, QLD
“I have tried a variety of masks previously but this one is by far the best. When I took the mask off, my skin felt so clean and soft! I think it also looked clearer. I was shocked to find the next morning it was still soft! Where as previous experiences with other masks my skin is back to its normal oily self the next morning. I could not recommend a better product. … I’m so glad to have found your skincare mask”
Kiara Weir, Rosewood, QLD

Free gift offer ends midnight 1 April 2013 – but you can still purchase the mask brush and bowl for only $5.50 each when purchasing the Pig In Mud Mineral Mask.

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