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Glass vs Plastic – Glass Wins

Thank you so much for all of the feedback last fortnight when we asked you what you wanted – glass or plastic packaging.

It’s a tough call but basically the majority told us you loved the luxury of glass, that you prefer to avoid plastics for health reasons, and that you like being able to get every last drop out of our glass jars of Anti-Ageing and Repair Cream, which you can’t do with a plastic tube.

We searched far and wide for the perfect plastic solution but nothing is 100% guaranteed to be safe of chemicals leeching into products, so for now we’re taking the high road and Woohoo Skincare will continue to minimise use of plastic.

But glass breaks, right?

Yes glass can break and although our products get delivered safely in their bubble wrap, we have heard a few stories about bottles smashing on bathroom floors.

Something we’re considering is a reusable silicone sleeve for glass bottles so that you can stop worrying about being so careful in the bathroom and when you travel.

It might look similar to the picture on the right, which is a silicone sleeve for a baby’s milk bottle.

If this is something you’d be interested in buying, comment below to let us know. We’ll only do it if we get a fair bit of interest because although the individual sleeves aren’t expensive, the startup costs are astronomical.

Healthy skin care talks in NSW – is your group interested?

Last year Aaron visited a few cancer support groups in our local area (Newcastle) to talk to them about healthy skincare choices (things like what to look out for on a skincare label and natural alternatives to the chemical-laden products).

These talks have been really popular and we have now realised that Aaron’s talks can be beneficial to everyone, not just cancer patients. He’ll be visiting a couple of diabetic support groups and retirement villiages in the next month.

Do you have a group that would be interested in having Aaron come along as a guest speaker to talk about skincare? He’s open to travel as far south as Sydney and as far North as Taree at the moment. Just contact us if you’re interested.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment below if you’re interested in silicone sleeves for your lovely glass skin care products!