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How to help someone switch to natural deodorant

  • 3 min read

How to help someone switch to natural deodorant

It’s one of the things that makes us scratch our heads the most. You see it all the time through the social “pipes” (because, let’s face it, it’s hard not to overshare on social media hehe!).

You’ve probably seen it too. The friend on a health kick. Posting those kale brekkies on Instagram for us all to enjoy. Shopping at the farmers market. Making the switch to organic skincare products. Chucking out all the toxic cleaning products in the cupboard. But then they slap on some aluminium antiperspirant. Oh noooooooooooooooooo.

It’s not their fault - they just don’t realise what an epic health faux pas their deodorant is. And that it’s undoing the hard work they’re doing at breakfast time.

We get that health and wellness is a journey and we’re all at different stages. But that doesn’t stop us from wanting to hurry that journey along. There’s no point lingering to enjoy the vista. Especially when there are natural deodorant options like Woohoo that outperform aluminium based antiperspirants anyway :)

We’re here every day banging our Woo drum, but we could do with some help.

Do you know someone who makes you scratch your head? And you’ve been wondering how to help them switch over to the natural side?

It can be a sensitive topic, so you’ll want to tread lightly. Here are some tips to help you help them in the best possible, non-preachy way.

Be caring - You want to come across as the world's best friend and not a recruiter for a new-age naturalista cult :) If you come from a place of caring then your message has a better chance of sticking. If you are mum trying to convince your teenagers you might need to wait until they are 21 ;)

Talk about the ingredients - If they choose to eat things that are ethical, fair trade, free range or organic then it is safe to say they care about where stuff comes from. All you need to do is highlight that some of the stuff in their anti perspirant is worth learning about. Avoid scaremongering as that = overzealous natural diva.

Bust the “natural doesn’t work” myth - The IPhone 8 has come along way since the original IPhone, and so have natural deodorants. New technology is not just in your handbag. It has enabled new natural ingredients and new thinking in the natural product world and Woohoo is a perfect example.

So next time you’re around the dinner table and the topics of sex, religion and politics been exhausted you can hit them with “choose a natural deodorant”.

Need more facts?

Need more facts about natural deodorants vs anti-perspirants to make sure you REALLY know what you’re on about? Head to this blog post formore on why aluminium based antiperspirants should be left off the shopping list for good.

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