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Coffe and Cellulite - the good and the bad

Coffe and Cellulite - the good and the bad

You might be one of the lucky 10% but chances are that you share something with the rest of us... cellulite.

Yep. We may not like to admit it but 9 out of 10 of us have some cellulite somewhere.

You shouldn’t let it worry you because it’s just normal fat below your skin pushing against other tissue. It’s purely cosmetic and you can get it no matter your size and shape.

Cellulite has nothing to do with toxins in the body. It has more to do with your age, diet, genetics, hormones, hydration, circulation and activity levels.

But knowing all the facts doesn’t mean we love our cellulite. Heck no. So it’s hard not to be drawn to an easy solution to get rid of it. And lately coffee has been getting all the accolades as a cellulite buster.

Before you go ordering a triple shot el grande to go there’s something you’ve got to know first. There's good coffee and there's bad coffee (and we’re not talking about a bad barista).

Bad coffee

Unfortunately sipping on a freshly brewed almond milk cappuccino isn’t going to help the appearance of cellulite. Coffee can dehydrate you which causes your body to think that it needs to store its water reserves.

It does this by storing the water in your fat cells which makes them swell and - you guessed it - makes cellulite more noticeable with bigger bumps.

The odd coffee isn’t going to cause too much drama but if you’tr knocking back 6 a day it might time to switch to a turmeric latte instead.

Good Coffee

Coffee is the big kahuna when it comes to cellulite creams and scrubs. Because unlike drinking coffee when you use it topically the caffeine and the motion of rubbing or scrubbing can stimulate circulation. It also tightens your skin. So when your skin gets tighter and the fat cells are not storing fluid, the appearance of cellulite gets better.

But unfortunately this good thing does come to end. Coffee creams and scrubs are NOT a cure and the improved appearance is only temporary.

If you are ok with this and after a good coffee body cream our pick is theWarm Fuzzies Firming Body Cream. It is has double shot of coffee as it uses green coffee seed extract and coffee bean oil.

A weekly coffee scrub is a must in our household -click here to check out our DIY coffee scrub recipe. Warning though - the kidlets love it :)

DIY coffee scrub recipe

On a side note, we’ve also loaded up theHappily Ever After Vitamin C Eye Serum with coffee seed extract to help increase circulation and reduce those dark circles around your eyes. No one will even suspect that late night you had.

Other things you can do

Topical creams and scrubs only have a temporary effect on cellulite but they are really lush to use and make you feel great and your skin glow.

Luckily there other things you can do which can have much more impact on cellulite

  • Exercise - it tones tones your muscles, burns fat and increases circulation. Win. Win.Win.
  • Stay well hydrated to prevent fluid retention
  • Eat more plants. Broken record alert. Vegetables are the answer to most problems ;)
  • Reduce stress through a meditation practice. It decreases inflammation and fluid retention while increasing your circulation.